How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig | TEDxMalibu

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Adam Leipzig has overseen more than 25 movies as a producer, executive and distributor. and has produced more than 300 stage plays and live events, and he was one of the founders of the Los Angeles Theatre Center.

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22 Kommentare

  1. Bianca L. sagt:

    well it kinda referred to what you really love to do, or what you feel like you are so good at that you can actually teach it to someone. I am not sure if you really love bartending , but if you do there has to be another type of reason like to help people taste a lovely alcohol mix if it is about cocktails (not likely, but still) or you just want to help them forget their problems in drowning themselves in alcohol (which is not your problem). I don’t know, I think it is all about perspective … try another working place or figure out if this is what you really, really deep down want to do and ask yourself why.
    Anyway, I could not find the so called „life purpose“ based on these 5 questions ‚cause I am still stuck at question no. 2, I am not sure I can teach anyone anything really, and I have no idea what do I really love doing because I love so many things and I cannot really pick one because I feel like there must be something else out there , more interesting to love than whatever I currently like doing because what I like feels lame. :))

  2. KrispyGoudo sagt:

    Nice video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard about – Chiveard Discovering Potential Framework (google it)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for finding your true calling and achieving success minus the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my close friend Aubrey got cool results with it.

  3. Mark Drilon sagt:

    *“What is my purpose?“*
    *“To pass butter“*
    *“Oh my gahd“*

  4. Sergiu Iosub sagt:

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, WTF??? This should help us find our purpose, some say…

  5. Christopher Welch sagt:

    Dear Commenters- way to move the human race forward. I scrolled down hoping to see how other people answered his 5 questions. But instead I find his 80% masking their disappointing empty lives with toilet humor…. which totally proves his point. So would you say these things to his face? Would you say „I’m no one, I like to troll, I troll people that are happy with themselves, it irritates them, I hope?“

  6. Charlie Brown sagt:

    I can’t see any of those lines going down really well in a social scenario without looking completely pretentious.

  7. Chris Black sagt:

    „An what do these ppl want from you“ Everybody rightly shoutted, „MONEY“

  8. Luristan Mapping sagt:

    Just watch ISIS beheading videos, You’ll find purpose of life…


  9. Elizabeth Churchill-Kurimjan sagt:

    I use this technique now and it’s great. You will have to remember to avoid downgrading yourself or feeling like you’re just feeding your ego. Everyone matters, every link matters, every step matters. I use it on the people who help ME – and dangit- it makes the whole world a bit better when someone can know they have value.

  10. Daniel Smith sagt:

    Newsflash Adam… Those 15,928 books listed on Amazon, which you sniggered at, do exactly what you did! You ask, „what do you love to do“ the lucky 20% answer confidently because they know. Everybody else still doesn’t know!! That’s not our fault.. that certainty is not a matter of will! In fact, I’d wager that the people who battle through their life without that answer may be possessed of greater mental fortitude…. the battlers, the ’street brawlers‘

    It is nice though that representatives of the lucky 20% have commented below, sneering at what they consider the stupidity of people who didn’t ‚try to find out‘. Well done you guys, you’ve been lucky… now there’s plenty of time for you to look down you nose at the people who weren’t.

  11. Ali Fitness Motivation Saudia Indian sagt:


  12. Divine -Aik sagt:

    That`s a very optimistic way to think about life

  13. Silvia Dante sagt:

    „What is the one thing that right now you feel supremely qualified to teach other people?“

  14. Jake Koener I think our purpose is to enjoy life, which means that it’s up to us to create our life’s purpose.

  15. Tierra Petersen sagt:

    I think I did this wrong. My name is Tierra. The only thing I’m really good at is taking care of chickens. This makes them happy. They get food and a clean bed. They benefit from the comforts of my hospitality. So my life purpose is raising happy chickens. I think I need to change my life purpose.

  16. Ana Larson sagt:

    Great and concise, I help other find their purpose and improve it, a life editor, more than a lifecoach. Basically he has told us here that we need to be a lady or gentleman, one who understands that their real strength is not found in trying to be like another, but rather, in being gracious, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, self-assured, and poised in their care for others and their well-being, or finding a way to be generous with your talent(s). Excellent talk!

  17. Jeremy Deming sagt:

    Fantastic. Simple. Powerful.

  18. Cole 10367 sagt:

    I, no we live for God, we are being tested everyday. God wants us to choose him. He gave us a life to choose him. We all have a choice and that’s what makes our love for God meaningful.

    There is more than enough evidence to prove this, and the proof is in Jesus’s ressurection. To me, it’s a fact because I know the evidence.

  19. Don Diablo sagt:


  20. Kathryn Browning sagt:

    I think many people worry over „purpose in life“ when what they really seek is a sense of happiness and well-being. In that, the best definition of happiness I ever read was a life with these three things: (1) Someone you love more than you love yourself (spouse/significant other, a dear friend, a child, a dog/cat/pet, etc.), (2) Something interesting to do (job, hobby, bowling league, etc.) and (3) Something to look forward to (the ballgame on Friday, next summer’s road trip, date night, etc.) That’s simple….and true I think. I do like his advice on responding to the question „What do you do?“ That’s creative.

  21. Jake Koener sagt:

    I believe that their is no purpose in life so you might as well live it the way you want to.

  22. MADELINE RYAN sagt:

    I am Maddie, I am a bartender, I make drinks for customers, they want to be inebriated and they change into aggressive, disorientated, assholes. Thanks for clarifying my life purpose. I feel just great.

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