How to find your passion and inner awesomenes | Eugene Hennie | TEDxMMU

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Eugene Hennie describes himself as an ambitious, norm challenging, knowledge seeking, young professional. Born in New York City, he grew up in a fast paced environment. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in business management, he moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in telecom. Not long after, he realized that his job was not giving him the adventure and excitement that he wanted from life. He went on a soul searching trip in South America before ending up working as a product launch strategist at Mindvalley in Kuala Lumpur. He now runs Anti Wantrepreneur an online platform and podcast for aspiring and season entrepreneurs.

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37 Kommentare

  1. Kristina S. sagt:

    You’re not supposed to find your passion, you’re supposed to do the right thing. Nobody is passionate about cleaning public toilets or harvesting potatoes. The people who hid Jews in their basements during WW2 didn’t do it because they were passionate about emptying poop buckets at night in the freezing cold. Life is about serving your fellow people, not about your passions.

  2. Julie Fuller sagt:

    Enjoyed the talk. Well spoken and presented. It makes me question my own life and admittedly has me thinking about more positive changes to my own situation. The desire for new views, knowledge and ways to improve and live a better life is what the object of this and other Tedx talks are about. Eugene become uncomfortable with his life, and applied focus and discipline to have the life he lives now. I believe any one who has worked hard in all aspects of their life and created a life they love to live, and who wants to inspire others should be commended and listened to.

  3. lich5164four sagt:

    There’s another video about how to find your passion by Terri Trespicio. It’s much better than this, trust me.

  4. Faisal Bin Othman sagt:

    Can the channel write the main points of the presentation in the description

  5. Bigol Bur sagt:

    this dude man

  6. craig varey sagt:

    I wish he’d STAND STILL for one minute! And he could sum this up in one sentence: “ Good luck!“

  7. one of the worst speeches i have ever come across. so unoriginal and full of cliches…

  8. Harlem does not start on 110th st tho

  9. Jonathan Pinto sagt:

    Why is he on TED

  10. Anonymous sagt:

    What the hell is this. He could have conveyed it shortly and talked to the point. Such a slow story that often I was like „Dude, can you just come to the point?“

    It was too hard to get the gist out of this session. The length and monotony of the video bores you down. Else was cool.

  11. Thomas Carr sagt:

    my niggahh plays runescape for sure.

  12. Kathleen Clayton sagt:

    hows that misleading?

  13. Kathleen Clayton sagt:

    great presentation…thank you

  14. Wehr Wolf sagt:

    5:54 what the hell kind of clapping was that

  15. Rohit kumawat sagt:

    what do you do?

  16. Robin Martin sagt:

    Horus Ra its not thr audience… just think where the mic is …

  17. Hoat hinh zombie play 2

  18. Horus Ra I know

  19. Ayumi Fam sagt:

    Warlod CW ..

  20. *It does not matter what people do to change our outside world; it is the inside changes we make that matter. If we change our inside world (our minds), the outside world will be a reflection of that change and be a paradise*. For the 1st time ever the *ultimate truth of life* has been revealed, it explains the big picture of life in every facet, including the real *truth* about the nature of the mind and how to overcome the mental prison permantly. Google *truthContest click on the earth icon and read the Present*

  21. karimkopra sagt:

    now actually that one of the reason why i want to learn programming
    and web design . and hacking . and graphic i don`t need to master it all
    and i don`t need to learn it all in 3 days !
    who know maybe tomorrow u will be working on the new assassin creed game in 2027 !? look at the cast and the people who work on all those games
    they look really really normal haw they talk haw they move
    haw they make that silly faces in the pic .. look at the casting who work on sint raw 3+4 look at the casting who work on deus ex human !
    they are people exactly like us
    they don`t look like cr7 and messi
    they don`t look like tom cruse .. maybe the voice actors looking really good .. be cause they want to be a real actor some day
    but the one behind mass effect . ac . witcher . god of war etc
    they are team one or 2 make the story and 100 make the game
    and when a game cost 100 m $ and they sale more than 1 m copy in the first 24 hour like gta v i don`t remember the 1 copy cost haw much but at least
    30$ at least
    that mean this game made more money than the freaking last marvel movie made in cinema
    we are talking about games who make more money than a god damn movie
    i believe that we live in the era of games
    when games have better story a better „acting“ a better every thing
    did u even played the last of us or or life is strange who can`t cry in life is strange .. now when is the last time u cry in a movie ! ?
    and really the movies are getting really really bad day after day
    did u see S.Q ? ok did u see the last batman game ?
    they both from „dc“
    is it the same ? HELL NO the game win by miles away
    in the voice acting in the story in cinematic in give u that feeling that ur the hero … i did not feel that i`m the hero by watching ant man and it was really a good movie .. the only problem that make the games far away from the movies the time .. movie take 1 and 50 hour
    the game can take 60 hour
    and lots and lots of people go back from the work all what they want is to lay down and do nothing .. u can`t do nothing in games

  22. karimkopra sagt:

    this was agood video
    The 10 point was strong

  23. karimkopra sagt:

    8:40 pls invite this guy to tell us haw he did it

  24. Warlod CW sagt:

    I,m a gamer.I like to do nothing except video games.I am crazy i know.

  25. Muhammad Bilal sagt:

    13:39 Who else was listening this while coding? 😀

  26. Quake SRK sagt:

    he was right

  27. misleading title. Video sucked

  28. appletree sagt:

    Yeah, it’s kind of like, „so I went on a cool trip and then everything was awesome.“ His message is great, but somehow he doesn’t really make it universal. I think maybe it doesn’t include enough of the conflict and doubt people experience and how to overcome those.

  29. La Nacion Del Hip Hop Latino sagt:

    nobody can tell you how to find anything..

  30. me me me my life my imagination blabla i stopped the video i hate narcissic people

  31. what a shitty audience

  32. Mace Ujinno tan sagt:

    here is one solution for u. yours happened to me to but the most important is keep thinking and imagining what u like to do (something good) ,think about what u like to do when u were small like baking… the more u think the more u want to do it that’s how I got success of

  33. Shasha Rshan sagt:

    10 minutes in and I have’t learned anything about how to find your passion.he’s juct bragging about his life and making it sound like your passion is not being corporate. mmmh but that’s some people’s passion, to wear a suit and work for a company.

  34. Panayiota Daina sagt:

    +Fatima Shay That sounds like me! This year I want to try new things, to work harder in my stydies and instead of dreaming, try to achieve my goals. Embracing ourselves is a big part of the process and having a positive attitude as well. Right now I don’t have any passion, but how can anyone find his/her passion by doing nothing? I suggest you to do the same, allow yourself to have experiences, to create new memories and I truly believe passion is somewhere hidden in there. Good luck!

  35. PoliTainment sagt:

    +Fatima Shay When you find something you passionate about, the laziness will go away.

  36. Kev Kevin sagt:

    +Monterey Jack just always remind yourself that you are not lazy.. i guess i always do this and i hope that this repeatedness i made will come up to my subcoiusnes 😀

  37. Fatima Shay sagt:

    I don’t know what I’m passionate about. I like things but I think I don’t continuously get into bc im lazy. I don’t really know.

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