How to become more confident — lay down on the street for 30sec | Till H. Groß | TEDxDonauinsel

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Till talks about how he overcame many of his own fears and how everybody can step out of their comfort zone. It all started with Till lying down on the floor in a public place. And it resulted into a world wide movement called "Comfort Zone Crusher". Till explains his psychological concept of comfort zone crushing and how it helps so many people to tackle their fears.

Till H. Groß … wildly crushes comfort zones.

As soon as Till finished high-school he took his education in his own hands. After reading the whole psychology section of the small town library in his city, he set out to personally meet the authors of the books that thrilled him. In 2011 he started to consciously seek out the best psychologists, therapists and coaches all over Europe in order to learn from them. Having the best teachers possible enabled him to give talks throughout Germany at the age of 19, hold a guest lecture at the University of Vienna at age 20 and conduct his own seminars, found a startup and work as a coach at the age of 21. Now he’s helping hundreds of people all over the world to tackle their fears and step out of their comfort zone.

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  1. sonia azyu ruddy sagt:

    north India ISN’T really a place for challenging fears

  2. sonia azyu ruddy sagt:


  3. Bogdan Koutsenko sagt:

    He sounds like King Julien.

  4. Nicholas Dowell sagt:

    Check this out my friends

  5. Mustapha Sossi Alaoui sagt:

    i ll try masturbation on the street

  6. Jacob Thewlis sagt:


  7. Ankita Medhekar sagt:

    I am pursuing my MBA this year and i dont feel that confient about myself same as he told about other people, but after watching this video i am feeling very postive and confident,the most useful video on youtube ever.

  8. Ajay Singla sagt:

    great video to boost up confidence and not to care about our sphere in which we are like centre to that ….

  9. Melisa Hamzić sagt:

    It reminds me a little of „Nerve“ and by that i mean these comfort zone challenges

  10. Thanks for the great advises, Till!

  11. TheGalaxian _Sofi sagt:

    I relate so much, this video makes me feel better!

  12. Mohsin Afridi sagt:

    thanks dude for the enlightenment

  13. Sam Mujkic sagt:

    lol u just born

  14. Jakie Robinson sagt:

    This is complete nonsense

  15. balla Tim cook sagt:

    It’s Arnold’s son..
    I’ll be back
    Grab my hand
    Lay In traffic

  16. Vaishali Goyal sagt:

    One of the best Ted talk 🙂

  17. JourneytoYES sagt:


  18. JourneytoYES sagt:

    What a full audience.. Bravo for your newly founded online community and for overcoming your fears! This is something I need to apply to my life.
    Thank you!

  19. Knees weak
    Arms are heavy

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