How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong | TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet

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Eddy Zhong, successful technology entrepreneur, dives into the truth behind our K-12 education system. Eddy strongly believes that the education system diminishes creativity and confines children to a certain path towards success. He contends that kids are taught to believe college is a necessary step in life and that it is mandatory to achieve one's goals. His talk challenges the commonly held beliefs of our entire education structure. Eddy is the founder of Leangap, a summer program that helps high school students start their own companies

Eddy is an aspiring technology entrepreneur and the founder of Blanc, a smart-watch company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His ideas have been featured in numerous publications and he is passionate about empowering youth to think differently. Eddy is the founder of Leangap, a summer program that helps high school students start their own companies

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

88 Kommentare

  1. New ZealandYT sagt:

    Lol Productions// Fart Heads LOL how….

  2. Billiam Cipher sagt:

    at my school half of my English tests are either over analyzing the heck out of every last word or writing fanfiction, practically none of our ‚writing‘ assessments were actually writing our own thing. Instead of Authors our school is creating a generation of overthinkers and fanfiction writers

  3. Lol Productions// Fart Heads sagt:

    Xanthropus i learn more from anime than my school

  4. Serbsensation10 sagt:

    Yea makes sense, was gonna say

  5. Jacks Minecraft & Stop-motion//JMS sagt:


  6. Da Nintendude sagt:


    You are 100% correct. My comment was just a different take on the problems in our education system, and was not pertaining to the content in the video.

  7. Serbsensation10 sagt:

    Too bad u learned how to read from school

  8. Serbsensation10 sagt:

    I do hate expectation in school but clearly u did not listen to the video at all if you said this. I understand what you say and it somewhat relates to me but I read through most of the coments and they are all agreeing with you, but the video showed how school gives us a wrong mindset, you ignored that whole idea while writing this

  9. sevan grigoryan sagt:

    i should be doing my homework now why does he have that face though?

  10. BRAIN WATCHER sagt:


  11. Hilda Wong sagt:

    Devon Peabody Well that’s rather rude. That’s pretty much looking at someone and deciding that they aren’t worth living.
    Personally, I do not believe that school is necessary for success in life. There are, in fact, multiple examples of geniuses in history that completely flunked school, yet still became famous. Actually, Eddy Zhong, the guy in the video, pretty much proves it. School made him unmotivated. Did that mean that he was good for nothing?

  12. Hilda Wong sagt:

    I really can’t say I relate to much you just said, but I’ve still got years of school ahead of me, so…
    It’s really sad that potentially amazing people are forced to be so limited. This kind of makes me afraid for my own mind and imagination.
    Personally, I think that people facing these kinds of situations should start ignoring those limits. Go crazy. Find a way to make the work exciting for yourself using the very depths of your creativity, that place that school would probably never allow you to use if I’m interpreting correctly.
    If people are expecting too much from you and you’re putting unnecessary stress on yourself, just tell them how things are. There has to be one person out there willing to listen. And if it’s teacher expectations, well, advanced classes can always be dropped out of (At least I think so?)

  13. Jonathan Holmer sagt:

    theexperimentalgamer yeah i learned to talk english only by the internet and most of my friends did too

  14. Devon Peabody sagt:

    The Avalanchilator Because you have no drive to succeed in life, sorry but some people are actually intelligent and can handle an academic setting like school, the others can go do manual labor and not drag the rest of us down, how about you finally realize the fact that some people like you just aren’t meant to be smart, you were meant to be nothing more than a tool for society to use as we see fit and nothing more. Manual labor for the idiots, College for the intelligent, soon we will have robots and no need for the idiots, that’s the day where humanity will reach its peak and finally start using natural selection to get rid of those not smart enough to survive in a constantly growing society of more and more intellectual aptitude.

  15. theexperimentalgamer sagt:

    Pat Hamm, TRUE, ive learned more online than ive had in school,

  16. saad aziz sagt:

    Daj Ultimat yeah you were born smart just stop going to school

  17. Toomess Channel sagt:

    nice one, I am also fan of Matpat’s game and film theory channels 🙂

  18. Clorox Bleach sagt:

    Pat Hamm True, I’m good at science not because of school, but because of Game and Film theory.

  19. Winston mao sagt:

    I thought so too. Disgraced the family.

  20. Snipethemapples sagt:

    life doesn’t want anything

  21. I relate. I think in english too and sometimes forget some words in my language lol

  22. exams are stress but as the anxious persob I am, any kind of forced projects or group projects give me even more anxiety and sttess

  23. DesmeonNetherCat THIS.

  24. Da Dragon Durp sagt:

    The Genderless Child Haha yea I learn more english from TV and youtube than books (which is the reason people think I’m good in English)

  25. Jaylen Crystaloski sagt:


  26. I love how uneducated kids are telling a boy to kill himself because he likes minecraft

  27. M M Maria sagt:

    You just wasted your time reading this Oh No! I still go to school but I just agree with everything he says.

  28. You just wasted your time reading this sagt:

    Soooooo, you have no school anymore?

  29. Kim Jong Un sagt:

    I think they expelled him

  30. Febreze Smells-Good sagt:

    Alex Manríquez There’s a huge range of class difficulties a public school student can sign up for. Can you learn 7 AP classes in a month? Because that amount’s the norm at my school.

  31. Cat Lover sagt:

    You know it an be dads too not just mums

  32. Cat Lover sagt:

    Snowy121 I like school, just not the useless stuff we learn.

  33. The1cn wnGamer sagt:

    KrazyMC – Minecraft tests are truly only testing memory and not the ability to do the things that it „tests“ to see if you can do it

  34. Swag McMuffins sagt:

    Ella G that’s communism Lol it’s more like „I want you to be smart but if you’re too smart, slow down and wait for the other kids because we don’t want them to feel bad that some individual is smarter than them“

  35. Swag McMuffins sagt:

    FullMetalBlackBeard bro math is important in everyday life. Why do you think you have to learn it in high school and it’s the longest taught class in elementary school

  36. Alex Manríquez sagt:

    GamerOfCringe I’m homeschooled and I can learn in one month all that public schoolers learn in a year

  37. I probably would’ve showed my teacher this video, it’s short and they can handle it. I would’ve only showed it to my old Health teacher and old History teacher, they would’ve understand. My history teacher was young and he hated it, but for sure he would’ve agreed with this boy on the video. As for my health teacher, he’s middle-aged, but he always is respectful to us and always listens to us, he would definitely watch the video. I consider him to be one of my favorite teachers out of all 13 years of my school career.

    I recommend you wouldn’t show this to a Math teacher, because they’d disagree with you and would probably tell you to go count numbers in the corner. I hate Math teachers, they’re definitely the worst. lol

  38. Koopa Bros sagt:

    How that go

  39. Marcus PlayX sagt:

    KrazyMC – Minecraft yep

  40. Jayvee Vicente sagt:

    GamerOfCringe true

  41. Ashley Tenczar Curran sagt:

    FullMetalBlackBeard That must be why your use of punctuation is so skilled.

  42. Prince Sidion sagt:

    Same here Jeffery Chen

  43. Karate Cow sagt:

    AwesomeSnakeGuy 123 I

  44. Jeffrey Chen sagt:

    FullMetalBlackBeard I wanna code. Which requires 2% math knowledge and 98% write down a code, test. Fix it. Write another one. Repeat

  45. Hot Dog dude sagt:

    Ella G succef in factiryes that are too poor to buy robots

  46. Abdurrahman Alchoughri sagt:

    Snowy121 I actually enjoy going to school but I hate the system I just hate the way some students flat out memorize stuff without understanding it
    Like what’s the point if you don’t understand it and still pass
    Most [but not all] teachers just enter the class, talk for an hour, and then leave

  47. GamerOfCringe Um…I am homeschooled and I learn faster

  48. Firestormxsandheart sagt:

    FullMetalBlackBeard I love writing but because of my school system I can’t write because I’m too busy. Studying and all that

  49. Globby Likes Slime sagt:

    I mean… you yourself are commenting… and not doing anything….

  50. Kayla Morgan sagt:

    Kill me Plz autistic children are actually quite intelligent, and oftentimes they like Minecraft because it is a creative outlet.

  51. Apple Sid sagt:

    I relate

  52. you forgot those weird people who enjoy going to school

  53. Burrito Chan sagt:

    Néxomy La Bordélique I support you

  54. Néxomy La Bordélique sagt:

    And this is why I’m going to be a politician. Because SOMEONE have to do it, so I’m ready to drop some of my dreams that I gave up long ago for another one: Changing the world. At least a little bit.

  55. Trinal Fish 🙂

  56. Trinal Fish sagt:

    Asaad you’re welcome and thanks

  57. Trinal Fish I don’t know how to thank you for agreeing I subbed

  58. Trinal Fish thanks my man

  59. Trinal Fish sagt:

    Asaad Good job

  60. jackalot irl vids sagt:

    A test made by complete strangers that probably never taught you or any kids at all before. For all we know, they can give us outdated info

  61. Prussia Shitpostia sagt:

    Harrison Seymour Exams were actually originally meant JUST for seeing where you are at. the composer of the multiple choice test even said that it wasnt suitable for everyday public education.

  62. Harrison Seymour sagt:

    Monkey i know right? Exams are just stress, nothing else.

  63. Rantnhnaketon sagt:

    Never thought I’d heard such relate-able words from a Playstation 4, but then stranger things have happened

  64. WHY? WHY!?!??! sagt:


  65. WHY? WHY!?!??! sagt:

    My steam bank account only has .35 cents help my life is doomed I cant buy counter strike: 1.6

  66. Joseph Carolan Hall sagt:

    Ella G more like, we want you to succeed, but not in what you want to

  67. HUN MR.Sticky sagt:


  68. HUN MR.Sticky sagt:

    The Genderless Child same here

  69. AwesomeSnakeGuy 123 sagt:

    school wants you to past a test

    life wants you to pass life not a test

  70. Omar Rochet sagt:

    Time to start my successful business! Oh wait, my current bank account balance is $1.25 bucks…

  71. Cem Sağlam sagt:

    I emailed this video to my school teachers and school principal

  72. BLUEandWHITEishere sagt:

    This guy must be a *Genius*

  73. i should be doing my homework now sagt:

    no he look like he regretting every choice he make in his lifetime

  74. Xanthropus sagt:

    I learn more from video games than I do at school.

    Think about that.

  75. The Genderless Child sagt:

    I watched to much English YouTube videos I forgot how to speak my language

  76. Da Nintendude sagt:

    _Here’s one of my biggest problems with school._
    *_E X P E C T A T I O N_*

    I am a straight A student… I’m one of those guys that gets 9 or 10 certificates at the end of the year ceremonies… I guess you could say I’m intelligent… But because teachers look at me and say, „He’s really good at this“… Doesn’t mean I want to do it… English is my least favorite class… But it’s likely the class I’m the best at. I hate the books we read, the research we do, the essays we write… Pretty much everything…

    So we start out the year doing simple stuff… The teacher realizes that I’m a lot more thorough and smarter when it comes to what we are doing… I don’t mind doing it, because it’s easy, beginning of the year stuff…

    But then the year continues… I end up struggling to keep an A. I’m not doing as well, and the teacher doesn’t think of me as that smart anymore… Why? Because I freaking hate the work that I’m doing… It’s hard for me to do good at stuff I don’t like… Every night of homework is a struggle to try to make it better, and more appealing, so I can do better… But all that does is make me procrastinate, and do huge projects the night before… Here’s a random example…

    Say there is a research project on a social awareness topic. We are forced to choose from a list of 20 topics, and I hate all of them… We are also forced to get our research from 3 or 4 Research databases… I don’t like any of them, so I choose one that has a lot of research… I spend hours and hours working on this big project… Trying my best to get a good grade… Then I finish… The writing is great, the transitions are great, the word choice and sentence structure are excellent… But the actual data of the essay is poor… Why? Because I couldn’t get into it… I tried my best, but I couldn’t care enough… I couldn’t care enough to find what I needed… The stuff I found wasn’t good, and I couldn’t morph it into something that is good…

    After just a few of these projects… My grade drops down a lot… The teacher didn’t get what she expected from me.

    Don’t even get me started on Art… I was literally 1% away from getting an 89% in my art class… Because every project I did got B’s and C’s… I tried my best to do my best, but I’d end up with a poor grade… Why? Because it wasn’t what the art teacher wanted…

    If you ask anyone at school, they’ll likely say I’m the most artistic guy there… but yet I was struggling the most in Art Class… At the beginning of the semester, the art teacher said that this was class where we could do what we want… let our true emotions show… And yet, if our art wasn’t what he wanted, he gave it a much lower grade… He made us do specific styles of art… He made us learn the history… And every project I did, I hated… I didn’t enjoy anything I made, because I couldn’t do what I wanted… I was forced to make my art a specific way… and because I only like making art the way I want to make my art, I dreaded art class, and I always when it was time to go to it… I struggled at the only thing that I am _talented_ in… And it stressed me the heck out… It made my self esteem plummet… Maybe i’m not good at art? I must not have any talents at all…

    I already was super critical of my art skills, but this made it worse… I couldn’t even enjoy the class that was built around one of the only things that I do enjoy…

    And I feel like the art teacher graded me harder on the fact that everyone says I’m an artist… And I didn’t live up to the expectation.

  77. School: „We want you to succeed, as long as you all succeed the same amount.“


  79. Ghkjdf Hbjhffh sagt:

    497 uneducated moms disliked this video we all know that moms are the ones forcing their childrens to only study in school and get good grades

  80. 2:03 This guy looks like he’s gonna murder someone

  81. Daj Ultimat sagt:

    i was born intelligent education ruined me.

  82. i think schools should be more physical,active & open minded . most exams is just straight stress.

  83. M M Maria sagt:

    I’m so glad my English teacher told me to watch this…

    I agree with everything he is saying here because it’s all true! They make us think a certain way to solve a problem but there are millions of other ways to find a solution… Not only does this limit our creativity level but also our worldly knowledge.

  84. I’ve learned more about Science by my own curiosity and the internet than all 13 years of school

  85. KrazyMC - Minecraft sagt:

    In a nutshell, school basically tells you to stfu and go do your test child.

  86. FullMetalBlackBeard sagt:

    all I do is want to animate and draw, not sit in a room Learning useless math problems that won’t ever help you unless you want become a NASA scientist or a human super computer. I want to unleash my creativity but I can’t because of school, I can’t compete my DREAM because of a place that wants you to accomplish and rule in life. I’m always stress studying and doing homework and only free on the weekends and my parents aren’t helping either. „if you don’t pass all your classes I’m selling your TV, games, art kit thing etc“. even if it’s one class. it’s stupid really.

  87. GamerOfCringe sagt:

    This is why public schoolers laugh at homeschoolers for being dumb and yet those homeschoolers probably are more happy and successful now.

  88. Anna Pavlova sagt:

    You know what our problem is? It seems like more and more people agree that things should change. Heck, I’m sure all 2,700 people that commented on this video think the school system should change. But obviously all we can do is complain it the comment section, and I hate it. We are so scared that the society won’t listen to us, so we don’t even try. I’m sure every single student that is currently in school (including me) wants to show this to teachers, parents, headmasters, but is too scared to do anything. There is enough of us now to have influence, to make a difference. But we are SCARED. that is the problem – we should first change our ways, our entire society…

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