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Mamata Venkat wants to empower people to unplug from their gadgets and inspire them to start working on themselves as much as they do their jobs. She will discuss the interaction between our internal and external development using her practice of meditation to exemplify how success in either does not have to come at the cost of the other.

A Perrysburg native, Mamata Venkat is a 2014 graduate of Wright State University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a Minor in Spanish. After an internship with the United Nations' NGO Committee on the Status of Women, she decided to return to Dayton to achieve her lifelong passion of working in the healthcare field. She is currently pursuing a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certification at Wright State, with the aspiration of working in public health. Mamata is also employed with the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program and is a certified meditation instructor.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Srawan Lal Acharya sagt:

    exact story of all people who are unemployed , unsuccessful, one who could not get fit into society ( according to people). but yeah once we learn the stuffs , its all peace.

  2. Byapak Chand sagt:

    +Keith Williams sir for your kind information Gautam Buddha ( Siddharatha Gautam) was born in Lumbini,Nepal.

  3. DarK A Ser·aph sagt:

    Happening neither offend you nor alter your true state.
    So, it’s not that you don’t care, but more that you don’t mind. ☮️

  4. Akshat Gode sagt:

    All happiness and contentment is inside of you…..not depending upon anything external
    Meditation gives you that control 🙂

  5. Bharti Walia sagt:

    Even my life also changed after practicing Raj Yoga Meditation. Thanks to Brahamakumaris Organisation.

  6. Rafael Pavani sagt:

    Mamata, it was amazing.
    Thank you for that.
    Well done.

  7. Anju Soni sagt:

    Very inspirational.

  8. Killer Dog sagt:

    Meditation also made you a skeleton

  9. Алексей Рябоконь sagt:


  10. nish patel sagt:

    very inspirational

  11. Hrishi Amravatkar sagt:

    You suffer malnutrition.

  12. LieroFjeld sagt:

    You can’t stop your brain from thinking with willpower…

  13. Devendra Alimchandani sagt:

    Great job Mamata !

  14. Leonardo Iorio Cattaneo sagt:

    One of the best TED ever. It is just what I was needing! Thanks for this!

  15. Jeffrey JeffreyFLF sagt:

    I think I’m starting to like Punjabi girls

  16. Francisco J.R. sagt:

    true wisdom

  17. Equestrian Bride sagt:

    It’s been only 40days that I’ve stared my meditation and I get to find more of myself and everything around me. 🙂 Thank you for the video.

  18. William MacDonald sagt:

    Abrahamic religions have tried to hide spiritual information with fear and disinfo, but with consistent meditation and study, true spiritual power can be accessed, even by „ordinary“ people:
    joyofsatan (.) org
    josministries (.) prophpbb (.) com
    The truth may come as a shock, but those willing to seek it for themselves can find it and be free from the lies.

  19. VJ Cooldude sagt:

    sarcasm enough lol

  20. Umar AlFarooq sagt:

    nyc Jones That is a matter of opinion. Even with an arbitrary standard, I think that the financial status has a lot to do with it.

  21. nyc Jones sagt:

    The average indian girl is not as good looking as the average white girl or asian girl.

  22. Umar AlFarooq sagt:

    +nyc Jones Do you have any idea how many miss world / universe pageant winners were Indians?

    Besides, the fact that she cares enough to share her experience and is intelligent, I think makes are even more beautiful. Maybe I’m partial because I’m Indian too? I don’t know. I find Europeans attractive too as well as blacks and oriental.

    To be honest, I still have my criteria for beauty and I often wonder if that’s been programmed in or is it inherent.

  23. nyc Jones sagt:

    For an Indian, shes pretty

  24. Umar AlFarooq sagt:

    She had low self-esteem?? Who in the world would break up with this girl?? Just crazy.

  25. Aditi aher sagt:

    It’s my story too!! I am sure it’s an experience of many people. She talked beautifully!! It was really genuine!! loved it!!

    meditation really helps!!

    I have overcome my 4 long years depression just by meditation. It was the only option left for me when i have tried everything i can from psychiatrist , counseling , positive thinking , exercise , creative activities etc.

    Its my personal view that all negativity arise from within so no external things can totally cure it. Meditation work like magic because its the best option to silence your mind and get out of it when you’re own mind has become the worst hell for u.

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