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How I help free innocent people from prison | Ronald Sullivan

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Harvard Law professor Ronald Sullivan fights to free wrongfully convicted people from jail — in fact, he has freed some 6,000 innocent people over the course of his career. He shares heartbreaking stories of how (and why) people end up being put in jail for something they didn’t do, and the consequences in their lives and the lives of others. Watch this essential talk about the duty we all have to make the world a bit more fair every day, however we can.

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31 Kommentare

  1. Glory Briggida sagt:

    there’s nothing more painful than being innocent and nobody beleives u. thank u sir

  2. Fabian del Rosario Baldur Absolutely.

  3. Greeshma Anantharaman sagt:

    „I knew my baby didnt do it.“ 🙁

  4. Archibald Belanus sagt:

    8:00 Sir Baelish approves this message

  5. Amanda Panda sagt:

    So yeah, I believe anyone can do what he does.

  6. Jacob Hansen sagt:

    Judge Dredd does not approve of such nonsense.

  7. Amanda Panda sagt:

    Dumbbells Only What I meant about smart was Critical thinking.
    Schools‘ don’t make you smart, you are born with it but schools‘ give you some of the tools to make great things happen.

  8. Dumbbells Only sagt:

    Amanda Panda critical thinking analytical skills and stuff like that has nothing to do with IQ though i thought you were referring to that when you said smart. But I see now you weren’t so I would agree there

  9. Amanda Panda sagt:

    I believe*

  10. Amanda Panda sagt:

    Anyone can do what he does. Usually in schools they make you smart academically but they don’t teach you how to apply the knowledge to everyday living and life situations and how to think logically and believe anyone can think logically. It’s just a matter of critical/logical thinking and exercising your skills.

  11. Fabian del Rosario Baldur sagt:

    to free innocent pple from prison?

  12. bronzeowl9 lawyers also purposely draw out cases to make more money from clients regardless of potential verdict ….whole system seems broken

  13. Green Silver sagt:

    You should phone Donald Trump, innocent or guilty.. FREE!

  14. Dumbbells Only sagt:

    a w if it was that simple it wouldn’t happen… cases are complicated mistakes are made

  15. BigPersonalety sagt:

    youtube updated their interface AGAIN, when will they stop?

  16. Dumbbells Only sagt:

    Reminds me of this show on TV I used to watch cold case or something like that… they look back at old cases and re solve them

  17. When innocent people go to jail to quickly close a case the guilty walk free. Wish we had more men and women like this in all areas of law enforcement.

  18. swimgirl24 sagt:

    We need more people like this man in this world.

  19. bronzeowl9 sagt:

    This man is working so hard to fix a problem that shouldn’t exist. A defense lawyer isn’t given the same info as the prosecutor, people not properly investigating what witnesses are saying. Justice is important. If a crime is committed it seems like everyone investigating it just wants to put someone in prison and call it a day instead of actually getting a killer off our streets.

  20. Mason Mason sagt:

    Biggest respect to this person, and persons like him. God bless you and your work.

  21. 14th!

  22. Amanda Panda sagt:

    We need smarter people in the court just like this brilliant guy!

  23. And I got the chance to make justice happen during my career. Helped the Medicaid Fraud Unit identify a doctor who was upcoding his patient visits. Compared that to IRS debt he owed. It was quite the case.

    But as a general rule – police investigation do the bare minimum when they believe a suspect is guilty.

  24. dont arrest innocent people at the first place

  25. Hataway Kaytleen sagt:

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now
    Imagine how wonderful it is to see an innocent getting out of jail, because of your actions

  26. We need more people like this man.

  27. Wow this was awesome

  28. Clubber Lang sagt:

    Get this man on making a murderer

  29. Tsar Productions sagt:

    Jamie Holding second

  30. We are all living in (((prison)))

  31. Jamie Holding sagt:

    Don’t say „first“ you idiots

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