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How Far I’ll Go from Disney’s Moana – Alessia Cara – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

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23 Kommentare

  1. YourBrowserHistory sagt:

    Please do Send My Love (by Adele)!

  2. rokayya asaad sagt:

    you make a really great piano covers hope you keep it that way✌✌✌

  3. Mikeyguy94 sagt:

    A cover of a cover…. Makes sense.

  4. Xaira Gaznavi sagt:

    AMAZING! Please keep doing covers you’re so good

  5. Chris P. Bacon sagt:

    LOVE your music! Could you do Titanium by David Guetta soon? Thanks!

  6. Ben white sagt:

    Best tutorial I can find of this song, thanks, just wish I could print it out instead of pausing it to write down

  7. Conor Fanning sagt:

    Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

  8. Malena Tristán sagt:

    Pleasee Bruno Mars It will Rain!!!

  9. #UnknownCousins sagt:

    Just earned yourself a sub!!

  10. Mark Bowen sagt:

    Nice cover well done.

  11. Jackson Le sagt:

    YourPianoCover That’s great! I hope you visit my home town!:)

  12. YourPianoCover sagt:

    +Jackson Le I live in a small country in Europe, but I have visited the U.S multiple times – not Texas though (yet) 😉

  13. Lotti Karotti sagt:

    Please river flows in you and Christina Perry A thousand years ❤❤❤❤

  14. Jackson Le sagt:

    I got a question. Do you live in the U.S? I live in Houston Texas

  15. Blake Vorwerk sagt:

    Could you do „Waving Through A Window“ from the Dear Evan Hansen Musical?

  16. YourPianoCover l

    l (kkkkkk6.. m) . nnnnnnmmmmmm. nnnnnnmmmmmm. 6

  17. please let’s hurt tonight by one republic!

  18. Eleni Tsentik sagt:

    please do iris by the goo goo dolls or anything by coldplay

  19. IcedCherry24 sagt:

    This is great 😀

  20. Lotti Karotti sagt:

    Please Lady Gaga a million reason !❤

  21. ALEXXX 77 sagt:

    YourPianoCover stunning cover!!

  22. Sweetcandylife 129 sagt:

    YourPianoCover love this

  23. YourPianoCover sagt:

    New piano cover! How Far I’ll Go from Moana is a really fun song to play. This is the Alessia Cara version which is a little different from the movie although very similar. Have fun 🙂

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