How a 13 year old changed ‚Impossible‘ to ‚I’m Possible‘ | Sparsh Shah | TEDxGateway

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Sparsh Shah wants to show people how they can transcend every difficulty that comes their way in life and how they can start a chain reaction to be a guide for other people who want to turn their life around as well.

Sparsh is a 13-year old child prodigy, singer/song writer/rapper born with brittle bones (130+fractures), but an unbreakable spirit. He became a worldwide internet sensation with his Purhythm versions of Eminem covers. He aspires to inspire and sing in front of a billion people one day.

Sparsh has been learning Hindustani classical music for the last seven-and-a-half years and American vocal music for the last three years. Sparsh is multi-talented. He performs at community events and has appeared on local radio stations and television shows, besides hosting shows as an MC.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Raj Rohit sagt:

    Souvik Roy
    Beautiful said.
    The way u think, either u gonna be successful or u already are.
    That was humble and genius.
    God bless u brother.

  2. Souvik Roy sagt:

    Raj Rohit Your comment is really quite unique among the lots, a lot similar to the boy! The way you think definitely has some logic in it which is making people think and argue. Personally i believe any fact or event can be analysed with various different aspects & interpretations. And your opinion has a high chance of being correct if the majority of people is either agreeing or disagreeing with you !
    Harsh truth is it would have been a lot more difficult to get recognition if he was not rich and in that case he would have received much more appreciation. Is that good or bad?? I don’t know!

  3. Shantanu Singh sagt:

    55k like the video. Try to focus on positive things if you want to remain happy

  4. asish deb sagt:

    they r not human


    Pratik Kayastha jgpoolkgotsoyxp

  6. Pratik Kayastha sagt:

    Rohan Shah

  7. dean byers sagt:

    Raj Rohit he could die from been hit and it’s not like that’s what makes you a good parent

  8. MrPatate POTATOES sagt:

    Eucalyptus a

  9. syeda taskeen sagt:

    Rohan Shah whats his name…hez amazing….

  10. simon anthony anthony sagt:

    xXGamer GirlXx hahaha

  11. xXGamer GirlXx sagt:

    I thought there was an eyelash on my screen, I was trying to pick it up for 1 hour

  12. Blue T-shirt sagt:

    tonsure girls :0

  13. simon anthony anthony sagt:

    same i felt it two i tink there is lash

  14. +Jacob satorious VEVO lol how bout nah. But for real now we can go about this forever and neither of us will change our opinions, and also, I thought you were the real Jacob so I was gonna puke but thankfully thats not the case.

  15. Jacob satorious VEVO sagt:

    Gods grace saved him not technology you must be an atheist start being a evangelist

  16. I respect the kid and all, but „God’s grace“ did not save you, technology did.

  17. tonsure girls ii

  18. sivan suresh sagt:

    Arkima Goswami He is a child. Leave him alone. Stop labelling him.

  19. come on man this is not the right forum to comment on religion he just shared his beliefs some people need strength in all of this video you could only point out to his view of religion can u accept diversity of thought or are u like those racists who cant tolerate people of other colors

  20. Shaikh Waqar sagt:

    MOMO I try to remove it

  21. SerSmokes 92 sagt:

    I thought an eyelash fell on my screen lol

  22. Jammie Draws sagt:

    why indoctrinate such a great, intelligent kid with religion?

  23. sanjyoti limboo sagt:


  24. Vijai Agarwal sagt:

    Caramel custard

  25. Elijah Salazar sagt:

    Now 1000

  26. Elijah Salazar sagt:

    Now 1000

  27. BLUE lemons FTW sagt:

    Biswa Ranjan like you

  28. BLUE lemons FTW sagt:

    Vijay Goud lol nice one

  29. Codename Klabautermann sagt:

    R E A L H U M A N B E A N S

  30. bindhya xavier sagt:


  31. Anonymous _ sagt:

    Shannon Rose your fight inspires so many people. May God bless you with a great life ahead. Ameen.

  32. Nice one

  33. ahmad abalkhail sagt:

    Ali Hassan Baig u can chase ur dream if u go to school

  34. Tripti Mishra sagt:

    Shannon Rose from India

  35. Monica Chelagat sagt:

    On his confidence…because of his condition he was super protected and given the attention we all need as children. His health problem perhaps ‚protected‘ him more from any form of abuse and/or neglect we normals are subjected to unconsciously. However, so much credit goes to his parents/caretakers. They did an excellent job independently from his condition.

  36. Biswa Ranjan sagt:

    Those people are burden to the earth..absolute garbage

  37. Ding Dong sagt:

    How about no brain?

  38. Beerus sama sagt:

    +Eashwar Riah what?

  39. Eashwar Riah sagt:

    Bisham Kruna

  40. ananya amakala sagt:

    and I am sure I don’t need to say god bless him Bcoz he is already blessed

  41. ananya amakala sagt:

    no words to express my satisfaction after watching dis video…he is just amazingggg

  42. Shannon Rose sagt:

    I too have this awful brittle bone disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta with over 700 fractures and just had surgery #34 2 weeks ago. It’s not fun. But like he says find your passion., which helps you to keep on going. You can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself, just got to keep going.

  43. Arkima Goswami sagt:

    oh man… he is Indian….

  44. NTPopcicle sagt:

    wtf is wrong with the guys who dislike this amaizing insperational Lecture.

  45. John O'Shaughnessy sagt:

    struggle made him strong….. when we meet obstacles, we know what we can overcome;
    we people often tend to cower in fear of things from our imagination

  46. Raj Rohit sagt:

    Kid of rich parents, see the support u got.
    He’s confident with speaking, cause of all pampering.. No beating, no scolding.

    Too much of unwanted hype, he’s just sick.. and only thing he has done is music, that’s why he’s good with music, he has worked on his interest.

    First point he says, follow your passion.. In India, following passion other than what your parent says is disobeying them xD
    If ur parent may had supported u like him, u would be in his place.

    Don’t compare urself.

    hate me, but try to realize the truth.

  47. Rohan Shah sagt:

    he’s my good friend!!!!!! and he is damn good

  48. Vijay Goud sagt:


  49. His puns are really punny…

  50. kerimalp karahan sagt:

    The 607 people who disliked this has no life

  51. tonsure girls sagt:

    Lets change I’m Mortal to Immortal

  52. Beerus sama sagt:

    hats off to his parents too!!! who helped him at every point in his life!!!

  53. drazling playgames sagt:

    586 idiots disliked dam

  54. ‚impossible‘
    changed to
    i’m possible
    i can also change n i am 14

  55. Leovita Augusteen sagt:

    What a great kid, he spoke nicely and so mature. He even already had his own principle in such a young age.

  56. rhak_ Zeal sagt:

    i wonder what makes him 100% confident n faithfull i don’t even have 20% confidence of anything. amazing guy

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