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„Hello“ – Adele (Piano Cover) – Costantino Carrara

„Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Piano… in Less Than 30 Days – Guaranteed!“


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  1. Berseker Guts sagt:

    Love ur beard n moustache :3
    U so cute

  2. Juan Manuel Meneses Diaz sagt:

    Excelente, lo mejor

  3. Wheelie Blind sagt:

    Hello… It’s me, I have a grand piano… don’t make me have to drop it on your head, answer the phone before it end up going to voice mail. xD

  4. Daniel Diaz sagt:

    wow, wow, wow amazing since the first 10 seconds with this intro. You have a new subscriber

  5. Serena Enebeli sagt:

    how many hrs/min do u practice each day?

  6. razor slash sagt:

    you look like a professor

  7. Bruno César sagt:

    You are very good…

  8. Giovanni Santos sagt:

    where i find the sheet music of this song ?

  9. Andrew Stadnyk sagt:

    I’m just discovering all of your videos. These are beautiful! Great work!

  10. رائع جدا جدا احسنت هذا ابداع

  11. DSLR show sagt:

    Can I use this in my video no monotisation and credits

  12. michela rontani sagt:

    che bello sapere che però sei un orgoglio di cui solo noi italiani possiamo vantarci…

  13. Leas life sagt:

    How can people dislike this?

  14. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    A 20% DISCOUNT CODE is available for all the instagram followers to get the sheet music at a low price! Just make sure to follow me on @costantinocarrara and then send me a DM (direct message on ig) to get the code! > http://instagr.am/costantinocarrara

  15. Piano Cover Musik Amatiran by Togo sagt:

    Look my channel was still grow up 😀

  16. Evan Swanson sagt:


  17. Romea Nouar sagt:


  18. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    Chiara Fort are you joking? That’s not the price of my sheets 🙂

  19. Chiara Fort sagt:

    i really like your covers ans i always want to play them too…but your sheets are so expensive. 25€ for one Piece? you can buy a real book with sheets for less.

  20. Marta Alcaraz sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music,Music sheet?

  21. Costantino Carrara Music Are u outside because if u are i would love to be ur neighbor

  22. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    Hi guys, I just created my Patreon page! http://bit.ly/CostaPatreon 😀
    Here you can support me with a few dollars and receive a lot of exclusive content, like MP3s/scores/tutorials/previews/hangouts! Check it out! http://bit.ly/CostaPatreon 😀

  23. Elver Fryn sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music hello i watching from México and love yours covers

  24. Isabelle Cannon sagt:

    +ƬψƬ ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻ english please lol

  25. Паша Анфилатов sagt:

    А говорят, что часы и всякие побрякушки на кисти руки, негативно влияют на игру… Оказывается враньё всё это ! Costantino Carrara Music, БРАВО !

  26. Jariana in my life sagt:


  27. Buona sera. sagt:

    +Jariana in my life Sisi l’ho capito hahahahah

  28. Jariana in my life sagt:

    +Cos’hai da guardare ma lui è italiano XD

  29. Buona sera. sagt:

    +Costantino Carrara Music Non pensavamo sapessi parlare anche italiano, sempre un „tuttoinglese“ sei nei tuoi straodinari video!

  30. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    The Wild Pianos crowdfunding is finished, so the „Hello“ score is now available here: http://mnot.es/HelloCC enjoy it! <3

  31. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    +Finn Fan Check the description, a new link is available!

  32. +Costantino Carrara Music How can I get the sheet now?

  33. 정윤수 sagt:

    +Costantino Carrara Music wow! i can? play like you lol

  34. AlicelikeAudrey sagt:

    Che grandissimo orgoglio italiano che sei Costantino!

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