Happiness is all in your mind: Gen Kelsang Nyema at TEDxGreenville 2014

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Simple, profound truths are the realm of this Buddhist nun. Her message? The gift of happiness truly lies within our own hearts and minds. Gen Kelsang Nyema, exuding a peacefulness that immediately connects with the audience, starts by asking three questions: Are you having a good day? Why? Tomorrow, would you rather have a good day or a bad day? She teaches that we cannot put our happiness at the whim of other people and of circumstances. If we want to be happy, we have to "stop outsourcing our happiness to other people" and cultivate a source of inner peace. What happens next is quite astounding. The whole crowd of 350+ people proceeds to meditate with Nyema. There's a little squirming at first, but as she leads the audience through a calm citation of how to rest the mind, audience members feel a collective relaxation flow into the room and through the people. Fascinating! Refreshing.

This talk was part of TEDxGreenville UNZIPPED, held April 11, 2014, at the Kroc Center in Greenville, South Carolina. For more information about Gen Nyema and her co-presenters, please visit

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20 Kommentare

  1. Mitchell Lee sagt:

    She’s amazing happpnisss..i am having a great day .

  2. Bjarne Smith sagt:

    Meditation is a tool to reduce stress, to compose oneself, and to examine the way you think and react to the circumstances around you. Dealing with the problems of the world is difficult. I don’t think one can go around being happy all the time, if life’s circumstances are particularly difficult. But it is nice to have a technique and a way of thinking to give one temporary relief from life circumstances. And as one becomes more experienced in mediation, it will take greater agitating factors than before to disturb your life.

  3. Veronica Johnson sagt:

    That was truly beautiful… thank you.

  4. sandnes2504 sagt:

    Doest make any sense.

  5. Takeiteasy buttakeit sagt:

    Speaking slowly to thread a suite of truisms. Good business!

  6. Jack skellington sagt:

    Bruh tell that to all the people Buddhist are burning in Myanmar

  7. hore selalu sagt:

    just tell me , was buddha die by poison?

  8. sagt:

    Happiness is inside of all of us. Sometimes you just need someone to help you find it.

  9. Võ Thị Loan sagt:

    I am very like listen .

  10. SimplyTwilight13 sagt:

    Would you like to have a good day or a bad day on Monday? Well….I don’t like Monday so

  11. Bubu Lina sagt:

    i feel she is ready anytime to start crying… crying out of compassion, love , understanding…. love her being..

  12. Moocah King sagt:

    I absolutely LOVE these videos! Thank you TEDx and all the wonderful people speaking and sharing ideas at these events!

  13. Luis Fernandez sagt:

    Thanks for give me a good piece of the puzzle for my good day

  14. Mumpy Gumboo sagt:

    Am I having a good day? Well… I’m having a bad hair day. I think I’ll become a Buddhist monk too, and shave my head. No more bad hair days! Problem solved!

  15. Satish Maurya sagt:

    If you watched it on more than 1x, then you completely missed the point.

  16. Rain Life sagt:


  17. Elisaí Otero-Figueroa sagt:

    So if my mother beat me up and laugh out loud while doing it I should not blame her for my unhappiness

  18. Raw Pagan sagt:

    One of the best videos I have ever seen. So simple

  19. eileen lord sagt:

    I have a good day when nothing tragically awful happens to me or the people I love.

  20. Anne Frank sagt:

    If you’re reading this I wanna you to have a good day

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