Great Place to Work | American Express India

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Extraordinary People | Extraordinary Workplace

American Express is one of world’s most respected service company. Our promise of superior products and extraordinary service is brought alive by our employees. We apply the same service ethos towards our employees as we do to our customers. This enables a people centric organization with a strong focus on championing inclusion. We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where respect for individual differences is promoted, where unique contribution of each employee is valued and where every employee is encouraged to develop to his fullest potential.

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Great Place to Work | American Express India

10 Kommentare

  1. Shirley Bishop sagt:

    +Vishal Mahajan

  2. Vishal Mahajan sagt:

    Hi Himanshu, I registered myself in amex job portal.. Amex is specifically looking for those candidate who are confident and communication skills. Good college is always a plus point. But yes the technology you are currently working on and your working profile in your current organization that matters a lot. Best of luck Himanshu:)

  3. Himanshu Malviya sagt:

    Hey, Vishal can you tell me that how you got a chance to work in Amex and what Amex is looking for in people. Considering the fact that I am a job aspirant your feedback would be appreciated.

  4. Kapil Jain sagt:

    Great Place , amazing people , loving every minute of working with this great company SINCE last 13 years

  5. Vishal Mahajan sagt:

    Great Place to work Indeed. Love to be the part of Amex 🙂

  6. Avneet Singh sagt:

    I loved working with American Express… 🙂

  7. Snowball Simpson sagt:

    Hey Amex, if you sponsored PewDiePie I would be so happy!

  8. bikashghalay sagt:

    great place to work indeed….

  9. Rahul Thilakan sagt:

    Absolutely – „Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Workplace“

  10. Kunal Jhaveri sagt:

    nice one

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