Go with your gut feeling | Magnus Walker | TEDxUCLA

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Magnus Walker talks about his life journey of following his passion and going with his gut feeling which eventually led him to turning his dreams into his reality.

TEDxUCLA was organized by UCLA Extension Visual Arts

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20 Kommentare

  1. Richard B sagt:

    Of everything I’ve watched this just forces a change for the better 🙂

  2. DIck E. Normous sagt:



  4. michael Anthony sagt:

    Hair Gimmick

  5. Chris Collins sagt:

    yeah….i think i gave this guy $1 in the alley yesterday……what went wrong in his life??

  6. Bob Spencer sagt:

    Good talk. Good advice. Stay in school if its what you want, or drop out if its what you want. However, never give up, never surrender, and stay away from drugs they will only steal your life and your dream, because you stop caring about anyone or anything when  you depend on any drug, rather than you own drug free brain. Things may or may not happen for you right away, but if you look for opportunities, and never stop trying you will succeed in something. You may not make millions but you can be happy with what you do, because you did it. Oh, and be satisfied with how you life goes daily, and it will get better.

  7. Francais Lover sagt:

    That beard is reason enough to watch this.

  8. Wade Patton sagt:

    Scheffield, finest razor steel in all of the England!

  9. Jefferson Kozlowski sagt:

    What a life history!!! No words to say, just congrats to this amazing life.

  10. Alki Malk sagt:

    He who goes with his gut feeling goes with Satan and the flesh. This is what you should NOT do. You shall go with JESUS CHRIST.

  11. arrghgarry sagt:

    I did have a porchse Print on my bedroom wall

  12. Adrian Fatu sagt:

    Go in Danube Delta and try to live 1 month…..

  13. Jennifer Sisson sagt:

    Love this!!

  14. Teddyvision sagt:

    He’s the #1 of the European big 3

  15. Mariel Starnes sagt:

    Super smart! FREEDOM priceless.

  16. JAGE MIDU sagt:

    What a horrible scruffy animal is this monkey…?

  17. Frogman Smith sagt:

    A White guy with dreadlocks. I will definitely listen to him.

  18. Jarrod Maness sagt:

    He was in need for speed

  19. Medicine For Madmen Official Music Channel sagt:

    this is a really interesting talk

  20. superitgel1 sagt:

    A homeless guy? Ted really sank low…

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