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Benjamin makes numbers dance. In his day job, he's a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College; in his other day job, he's a "Mathemagician," taking the stage to perform high-speed mental calculations, memorisations and other astounding mathematic stunts. It's part of his drive to teach math and mental agility in interesting ways, following in the footsteps of such heroes as Martin Gardner.

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64 Kommentare

  1. Aokiji TheIceWarrior sagt:

    The Potato Land He’s obviously a unicorn

  2. Seif Magdy sagt:

    The Potato Land y

  3. Saeed Mahjoori sagt:

    I am from Iran. When I was at High Junior School, somebody like this would be invited to inspire us and show us how easy maths is. He was not highly educated but he could do 3digit * 3digit multiplication. Next year he came and did 4digit * 4digit!

    But this guy actually could do more. I liked it.

  4. The KendamaKidsOFFICIAL sagt:

    Jayanka Ghosh there’s a way to find the day you were born with math I saw it on a tv show

  5. fixed

  6. bo jackson sagt:

    i dont kno, are you?

  7. Garett Rockwell sagt:


  8. soo miew leng sagt:

    I see u (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. RicH_Baybeer sagt:

    lmao, cant stop laughing

  10. JeromeNoctis English too apperantly.

  11. Lorenzo H nahe warnt. Heute Gott an F in Mathematik;)

  12. Lorenzo H sagt:

    +Non interessant nom Regardless, Einstein was a genius, and no doubt he was good at math.

  13. Non interessant nom sagt:

    I’m sorry, but wasn’t Albert Einstein a physicist?

  14. Jayanka Ghosh sagt:

    I can’t even multiply a 0 digit number

  15. Jayanka Ghosh sagt:

    I believe the right word would be „calculated“. „Guessed“ would simply mean he just said the first day that came to his head and luckily got it right 🙂

  16. Chris Lau sagt:

    PandaPri lol

  17. random name sagt:

    g0lddenpanda Onety one

  18. Askey Playz sagt:

    Ze Best Bagguet GD and Clash Royale Einstein was a physicist not a mathematician…

  19. Askey Playz sagt:

    The Potato Land he is just incredibly smart

  20. tyler24393 sagt:

    Fe4ЯLesS 79ツ I can’t even multiply a 1 digit number in my head

  21. Quentin Ponder sagt:

    Of course it is, you don’t really need any proof

  22. That’s so weird, that’s my birthday

  23. Kayla Jude sagt:


  24. g0lddenpanda sagt:

    It’s Artemis Fowl

  25. g0lddenpanda sagt:

    1 like = 1 nerd

  26. g0lddenpanda sagt:


  27. Symatical sagt:


  28. Ahmed JustHumen sagt:

    That will make him nut even quicker tho..

  29. Diego Eduardo Rejón Domínguez sagt:

    ScrubCrusher69 iQ

  30. Ben cave Gaming sagt:

    square 266377.4567

  31. Connor Clifton sagt:

    Idd Facts FAX

  32. XD

  33. Lauren Brady sagt:

    Will Munoz it will be somewhere in the world so technically he’s right

  34. AvatarAnime sagt:

    Will Munoz thank you 😀

  35. He should have held up Siri to answer the questions

  36. Aksa Show lmfao fag

  37. 은하최 sagt:

    Same I would’ve shouted 666 as well lol

  38. ScrubCrusher69 sagt:

    Jimmy Ortiz
    It’s still very impressive x)

  39. Blank Bros Puns boi

  40. Haven Smith sagt:

    Asymptotes are in this mans reach…

  41. Will Munoz sagt:

    AvatarAnime XD…..

    and happy late birthday

  42. AvatarAnime sagt:

    Will Munoz good to know for my future birthday 😛

  43. Eduardo Izolan sagt:

    DK THEMAN well, I check even 1+1

  44. Ze Best Bagguet GD and Clash Royale sagt:

    either this guy is einstein or this was pre rehearsed

  45. Skull Crusher sagt:

    If u don’t use ur brain then the brain’s creator will feel bad

  46. ziad hassan sagt:

    Idd Facts No we don’t that will creep me out XD

  47. Guillermo Sanchez sagt:

    My only concern is why is that kid up there with only one shoe on………..

  48. Zachary McArthur sagt:

    DAFFY BOY he has a daughter.

  49. Will Munoz sagt:

    watch it actually be cloudy on june 13, 2730

  50. This dude came to my school. He calculated what day of the week I was born on. Pretty damn impressive.

  51. Kim Taehyung and Yoo Taeyang stan sagt:

    or 666 or 420

  52. Kim Taehyung and Yoo Taeyang stan sagt:

    I’m surprised no one shouted 69

  53. This guy the type to solve math problems during sex to prevent himself from nutting.

  54. Rush B or sneaky breeki A sagt:

    sex will be forever out of his reach

  55. Blank Bros sagt:

    There is a fine line between the numerator and the denominator. Only a fraction of people get this

  56. Fe4ЯLesS 79ツ sagt:

    I can’t even multiply a 2 digit number in my head…

  57. MARTIN SAGE sagt:

    This is a living proof that the human brain is the most powerful machine ever.

  58. The Potato Land sagt:

    is there a trick to this or is his brain magical

  59. Idd Facts sagt:

    We need a math teacher like him

  60. DK THEMAN sagt:

    Meanwhile I’m double checking 6+5 in exams ?

  61. Christopher Joe sagt:

    i think he could swallow the black whole!

  62. Jimmy Ortiz sagt:

    he’s not faster than a calculator
    he’s faster than the person using the calculator :/

  63. Aksa Show sagt:

    I appreciate his talent,but if I don’t use a calculator, it’s inventor May fell bad….and I won’t let that happen cause I am a Good guy.

  64. Lizzyisaway sagt:

    this guy swallowed albert einstien

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