Elon Musk on How To Start Up A Business

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  1. kidgrowingup sagt:

    lol. so what? what’s so great about being white? lmao. and research the meaning of the term genocide. you might acknowledge, that it doesn’t apply to these scenarios.

  2. Eli Arrives sagt:

    IMMIGRATION = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
    MULTICULTURALISM = Just means LESS White people.
    DIVERSITY = = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
    INTEGRATION = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
    ASSIMILATION = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
    RACE-MIXING = = = = = Just means LESS White people.
    STOP WHITE geNOcide!
    Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White

  3. Josh Yates sagt:

    I’m glad he talks.

  4. Thank you for this, so many helpful tips!
    Actually recently I EXCLUSIVELY interviewed a CEO of a $30+MILLION Tech Company on my channel. He really goes in depth on how to START your own business (through progressive validation) and start freeing yourself from stress. Come check it out, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of value if you’re serious about entrepreneurship!

  5. Elliott Kim sagt:

    Why doesn’t he just hire a management team and put himself in position as lead R&D. All other business/regulatory/political issues can be handled by other professionals. I’m sure it’s much harder said than done.

  6. Leonard Burca sagt:

    Anyone wants to start a futuristic company together? 😀


    and a guy at 6:11

  8. ahyaok100 sagt:

    you go girl!

  9. Zach Hatraf sagt:

    Who is that? She is super hot.

  10. naw hes just dumb :p

  11. sagt:

    Hi I’m actually very impressed with your videos. I will try and offer more focused posts in future.

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  13. Kelly Johnson sagt:

    Maybe. But I can identify with the particular nuances I see in him to have an idea of what his mind is doing. Like I can identify someone sitting quietly in a meeting who is having incredible crippling anxiety. Like the
    very air around them is yelling and pushing on them. I know what that looks like exacerbating from someone’s energy. When someone who doesn’t know what that type of anxiety feels like would think they are just sitting there quietly, or has an itch or diarrhea.
    You just know it when you see it if you know what it looks like, that’s all.

  14. sagt:

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  15. Wang Fengying sagt:

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  16. Joseph Price sagt:

    DeadlyIllusionz Indeed, he literally gambled his entire fortune to save Tesla in 2008 – gotta respect that.

  17. Some say that she’s still shaking her head to this day

  18. Tulog Tamad he puts his own capital of over a billion into his businesses

  19. Peter Pagh Robotic legs man, anything is posible now

  20. TheAmericanManualCom sagt:

    +Wireline Bull Crap.

  21. Luana Vasco sagt:

    Alberto Luevano his goal is to bring humanity to collective enlightenment, so you are right

  22. Elon Musk on „how to commit fraud“

  23. Marc Perez sagt:

    cybernetics will come about, perhaps its not an eventuality, but they have great positives, as long as control is not taken by others. the problem is more that we have not idea how to implant or create such advanced things into eh human brain, to my knowledge at least.

  24. ChezDragero sagt:

    Sim Supply’s entrepreneurs would really appreciate it m8

  25. Looking for transcendence? That kind of thing?

  26. nicolas Martino sagt:

    What does born in Hawaii tells you moron??

  27. The Bible Atheist sagt:

    Redouan Djeebet we cant see elon’s pants.

  28. The Bible Atheist sagt:

    greg mcnamara obama indonesia? Lmao Obama was Kenyan.

  29. Certificial sagt:


  30. Trenton Erker sagt:

    Ruth Smart that was fatuous at best.

  31. Peter Pagh, stop finding excuses!

  32. GreekGod-Perverseus weee sagt:

    Rick Evans “ They’re the ones “ although i’m not correcting it. you should be able to comprehend the context. anyway you get the message right ? “ CONNECTION NOT PERFECTION “ 🙂

  33. Rick Evans sagt:

    Domingo Valenzuela Correct someone on their/there and mess it up. Nice.

  34. Peter Pagh sagt:

    Yes! I will be the first player on Barcelonas soccer team without legs! I can do it!!!

  35. Thorsten Trissom sagt:

    But he was born in Hawaii. That somehow makes him American, even though Hawaii is not on that continent. Stupid Rules they have in the USA. Won’t even let this african guy (Elon) be president.

  36. Redouan Djeebet sagt:

    who knows xD

  37. Domingo Valenzuela sagt:


  38. Domingo Valenzuela sagt:

    Greek gods perverse us were

  39. Domingo Valenzuela sagt:

    Feat in Vacation

  40. Pablo Ariza sagt:

    Advice: just fucking do it.

  41. Tulog Tamad sagt:

    For a really successful person now, he has a very anxious way of speaking. He really sounds humble and you can sense that SpaceX and Tesla aren’t just for profit but more of a vision for the future of mankind. It’s really inspiring. I read about him about 10 years ago in magazine which dubbed him as an ‚eccentric“ for obsessing about space travel and other futuristic stuff. But ever since then, I’ve always believed in this man. And now, just look at him. He’s leading us to the future. Thank you, Mr. Elon Musk.

  42. Dinster Vlogs sagt:

    SyncKo Point is.. if you stop and you are still drawn towards an entrepreneurial adventure, it’s wise to keep doing it 🙂

  43. TheCanofAir sagt:

    His brain is moving a lot faster than he’s able to talk

  44. Particle Config. sagt:

    Hey Einstein! Still taking the waves!? =D

  45. Redouan Djeebet sagt:

    lol the woman interviewing elon keeps nodding her head, you can even see her shadow moving @ 4:35

  46. Ruth Smart sagt:

    „You must have a product or a service that useful for other people“

    That there is such a fundamental observation. It does not matter how good your product or service is unless enough people are prepared to pay you enough money for your business to be profitable.

  47. Aldion Lynaru sagt:

    That woman 3:06 doesn´t stop shaking her head.

  48. Alberto Luevano sagt:

    I think that to be Elon it’s more of a spiritual thing. Not many will ever understand what i mean.

  49. GreekGod-Perverseus weee sagt:

    Listen to those entrepreneurs who started from rags to riches their the ones who really are 🙂 if you know what i mean.

  50. Dream Dimension sagt:

    oh Canada lol

  51. Lòpez Pedro sagt:


  52. Patti Lacey sagt:

    Quite frankly now I’m glad there were many people that tried to squash me as a designer and artist when I had a business. Then last year when I first found out about Elon because of my lifelong love of sustainability, for the first time, I had my eyes opened to the reality of what the future could become and he gave me the courage to seek it despite opposition.

  53. Sir Twinkeltoes sagt:

    I think his point is to be able to not get discouraged easily.

  54. AquaticMan sagt:

    Chunk Mustard Your point?

  55. Kenny Groth sagt:

    im gunma start a business to compete with elon oh wait…

  56. Chunk Mustard sagt:

    rule # 1. Don’t do it. If that fails then proceed to elons advice.

  57. Frank Einstein sagt:

    Thank you. I loved that video!

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