Car Crashes Time

Dash Cam Accidents Compilation #60

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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Music intro/outro: Tab and Anitek – Reconstruct.

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  1. you impress me every week with your great collection of videos.
    keep up the good work, these videos are like driving education.
    i wait for your videos every week.

  2. I watch these every week. and i can still not work out how to drive in russia.. all i can think of. is close your eyes and go fast as you can.. im amazed on how fast they crash.. i wonder if they have the same crap here in the uk.  wheres theres a blame, theres a claim… ?

    1. It’s not even just the drivers. Even the pedestrians just wander out into the roads (like the girl who walked in front of the motorcycle @ 7:37 – just look at how many of ‚em are stupidly walking in the road.
      It’s a state of mind in certain ethnographic cultures.

    2. +Lenny Bower i bet it was some sort of celebration or concert in that area because there was no cars so the road was closed but idiots motorcycles thought they can cut the corner and drive through    

  3. First rule of driving in Russia:  If another driver commits a driving error or makes a mistake, drive into them at high speed for instant punishment.

  4. Causes: vodka, passing on the right, do not look in the mirrors, using cellphone.

    1. You forgot to include the greatest cause: Having too-low an IQ and been granted a license.

    1. +katana spark he was on ice, counter steering does nothing with out friction. I be his wheel was cocked all the way left. there was no stopping that.

  5. 9:43 I love there is stupid woman driver theme music to go along.

    1. +Cookieboy70 Most of the idiot drivers are men…..that is why men pay 2x as much in auto insurance as women. LoL!

  6. I had to replay the last one to see the rope

    1. What Anthony, i like seeing cars getting destroyed (but of course the people live)

  7. Theres no caution even in the snow, where is the common sense?

    1. +Elijah Minaj common sense in 2015? You must be joking!

  8. I never understood how people would cross the street without looking in the direction in which the cars are coming. I always do.

  9. I have invented a Russian Dash Cam Video drinking game called „White Lada“. Every time a white Lada sedan appears anywhere in an accident clip=1 shot. If the white Lada is involved in the accident=2 shots. When the white Lada causes the accident doing something stupid=3 shots. When the white Lada meets the criteria for 3 shots AND buggers off after the accident you have to make bubbles straight from the bottle. Watching an entire video while playing eventually prepares and qualifies you for driving on Russian roads because it’s the Russian equivalent of Drivers Ed…

    1. Better off not driving. Those that do never had a lesson.

  10. Ten Rules of the road in Russia:
    (Only valid after consuming at least 1L Vodka)
    1: There are no rules
    2: Traffic control signs mean nothing
    3: Traffic lights mean nothing
    4: Pass slower traffic anywhere
    5: Pass often
    6: Go as fast as possible
    7: When in doubt, Go Faster
    8: Directional indicators are for sissies
    9: Left turns magically stop oncoming traffic
    10: Ice WHAT ICE?
    If any of the above rules conflict with the practice of safe driving, refer to Rule #1

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