Customer Care Professional at American Express

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For more information visit . See Angela sharing her experience working from home and growing her career at American Express as a Customer Care Professional.
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Customer Care Professional at American Express

7 Kommentare

  1. harooni22 sagt:

    your outsourced custmer service is horrible, 20 years i been a member and treated like dirt every time. 1 late payment by a few days , im suddenly al capone.

  2. Rushelle Phillips have you had any luck yet? I’ve been trying for years.

  3. Jimmy Smith sagt:

    very. nice.

  4. Jimmy Smith sagt:

    very. nice.

  5. Rushelle Phillips sagt:

    +janne wallace ive noticed that too. i think they are just building a resume pool to be honest

  6. janne wallace sagt:

    +Rushelle Phillips-yeah, and finding/based on not only trying to get on with AMEX a defeating experience..there are travel statistics through fuel consumption of airlines, that the travel industry isalmost nil with activity. so the WAH jobs of what there’s claim to be listed-is truly hype:(

  7. janne wallace sagt:

    q: may I advocate with you about how to come into the same opp’y as what you conduct? it just so happens that my cousin is already in AMEX, but is not so available.
    the AMEX opportunity is running a current campaign of WAH travel counselors-and I know no other way to break ice/getting into interview with AMEX-if I know no advocate, so would you like to do a trade opportunity with helping me come into AMEX-or, how about this-that I’d be an AMEX service arm, say-to you. let me know of either/any wayward-and thank you for your energies to let me know. jw

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