Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas: Giovanni Corazza at TEDxRoma

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This video is filmed and edited by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO
Corazza is a full-time professor at the Alma Mater Studiorum at the University of Bologna, a member of the Executive Council, and the founder of the Marconi Institute of Creativity. He teaches science and the applications of creative thinking. Why/Which/How/Where/What/When/Experiment. A quick jump out of the box is more insight ful than a lifetime of standard thinking.

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  1. Martin Andrade sagt:

    In resume: exaggerate things to think out of the box

  2. stevesmithawesomenes sagt:

    SexyInSocksNSandles e

  3. Unhappy Kirby sagt:

    i don’t want to get out of the box. it’s bigger on the inside

  4. I changed the video speed to 1.25 and it helped a lot!

  5. I have to reflect on this statement: „to cross the boundaries within your own mind“

  6. Dehaven Riggins sagt:

    Brother and sisters what’s a box? Ask your self it’s not a box but our minds it’s your body meaning brother and sister’s look within no color love that’s real overcome all

  7. Gia Dương sagt:

    i ‚ve already had new idea in business. its totally new and no one has known or thought about it before. and im totally afraid now because i am not confident myself and i even dont have resources to get business X(. what should i do next TEd ??

  8. Sai Krishna sagt:

    thanks alot for summary

  9. PhyreI3ird sagt:

    three seconds into the talk and I finally discovered what Tommy Wiseu’s accent is

  10. Luis chinga cruz sagt:

    jaja ptm me perdí y cuando me di cuenta ya dijo muchísimas gracias por su atención 🙁

  11. If u just sit in a quiet room and just think, u think of things u never would. But now its very hard to be creative in a world where we r exposed to distractions, plus the fact of always being accepted especially in a time of social media

  12. Nice Kidneys sagt:

    Love the way you curse.

  13. melancholiac sagt:

    felipe jhoseph: This page is for commenting on the creativity lecture. Not for you to hawk your shitty get-rich-quick snake oil. Funk off you useless count.

  14. Vijay K Vijayaratnam sagt:

    I have been an original and creative thinker all my life from my age of 4.

  15. hautboisjc sagt:

    Very insightful and helpful. Thank you very much

  16. LifebyIsaiah sagt:

    Great video! I will definitely be taking these into action!

  17. Jaxon Langhorne sagt:

    pointless so disappointing

  18. Roman Guro sagt:

    Useless talk..

  19. NinjightNationCorp sagt:

    If you think this video is good you should see mine!

  20. bogen broom sagt:

    Use out of the box thinking , try this __ The Earth is Flat .
    Start here – ‚200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning Ball ‚…….by Eric Dubay .

  21. Bollog Nyessy sagt:

    so much waffle…

  22. SexyInSocksNSandles sagt:

    For all those who missed his points, here is the video summary:

    1:17 – To be creative, you need to practice out-of-the-box thinking.
    5:30 – Be aware of your assumptions. Unfounded assumptions prevent you from thinking creatively.
    6:25 – Value Long Thinking; judge ideas by how they fit as an ensemble, not individually. You can only do this with patience.
    7:07 – Apply theories and concepts to areas that were never applied to before.
    7:17 – Creative thinking is about finding many alternatives and choosing the best answer, not about finding the right* answer.
    9:15 – If your environment punishes mistakes, you will never be creative.
    9:50 – Combine different disciplines to create new ideas using metaphors.

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