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Cheap Thrills – Sia – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

„Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Piano… in Less Than 30 Days – Guaranteed!“


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  1. sonu verma sagt:

    its very soothing 🙂

  2. YourPianoCover sagt:

    Обед 😀

  3. Eugene Volohonsky sagt:

    Хлеб на рояле???

  4. Azra del Queen sagt:


  5. TzuKook For Lyfe BANGTWICE sagt:


  6. Mike Clara sagt:

    Please ,  the cover of „Treat you better“ by Shawn Mendes <3<3 *_*

  7. TheOneAndOnlyMe92 sagt:

    One of the most repetitive songs I’ve ever heard. Still a great cover 🙂

  8. Carly Jo-An sagt:

    up and up coldplay. 🙂

  9. Who would dislike this? Seriously…

  10. Alicia SgR sagt:


  11. Petr Jiránek sagt:

    that bread 😀

  12. Marijan Smetko sagt:


  13. Edward Whistler sagt:

    Do Lost Boys by Ruth B Pleasseeeeee

  14. Shark jaws sagt:

    +Leah Clark quite inBread in my opinion!

  15. Happy Hardcore Beebo sagt:

    Please do Casual Affair by Panic! At The Disco

  16. Leah Clark sagt:


  17. David The Pianist sagt:

    its amazingg

  18. OnixCreeper5 sagt:

    Wow, thank you for playing my favorite song, i love this channel

  19. Alessia Albertini sagt:

    Amazing! Hymn for the weekend – Coldplay pleasee!!

  20. А я эту песню тоже сыграла,щя на ютуб залью,го ко мне))))

  21. Corvin Mierisch sagt:

    nice bread 😀

  22. Anastasia Pond sagt:

    So in love with your videos!!

  23. YourPianoCover sagt:

    New piano cover! Cheap Thrills by Sia has a really fun rhythm in left hand, when you get the hang of it. Try it out and have fun 🙂

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