Car Crashes Time

Car Crashes Time 51

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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Music intro/outro: Tab and Anitek – Reconstruct.

01:37 Car accident
02:33 Car crashes
03:14 Police chase
04:19 Truck crashes
06:49 Cars crash
08:32 Accidents with pedestrians
08:55 Winter crash


24 Kommentare

  1. Russian drivers think they’re professional rally drivers but in reality they have no skills to match that ego.

  2. 9:50 snow, poor road conditions and the driver going with ONLY parking lights on… nice…

  3. Увидел, что перед тобой закрутило машину на льду? Зачем притормаживать? Ты же прав!!! Дави тапку дальше!!! 
    Бараны блять.

    1. никита камнев sagt:

      что она в тебя въбалась и все погибли. Ахуенная у вас логика!!!

    2. +никита камнев По-моему видно, что здесь сарказм

  4. Snow, ice and way too much speed = good entertainment… ! Stupid……

  5. It’s like every winter is a surprise to them. 6:20 „What?! I can’t go 120 on black ice?  WTF.“

  6. I had to laugh at 6:59, as Britney Spears started singing. I don’t think that was what she had in mind when she sang „Hit me baby one more time.“

  7. Why they drive SO FAST in snowy or rainy days? I can’t understand.

    1. +Han Frank They get rear ended if they do not drive so fast.

  8. I love some of the videos, my favorites include:
    1.Turning left all of the sudden while in the right most lane.
    2.Turning in front of oncoming traffic and then stopping halfway through the turn to get clobbered.
    3.Running Traffic Lights at Breakneck speed.
    4. To counter 1. When traffic is slowing or stopping in front of you, Deciding to pass on the left by driving into the lane of oncoming traffic at high speed.

    I wonder if we would see alot more videos like this in my country if more folks purchase dash cams.

    1. +Konrad Williams Yea, I wish to own this one

  9. Thanks for making these educational videos to teach us safe driving!

  10. Does Russia or wherever this is, have drivers ED? lol

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