Car Crashes Time

Car Crashes Time 48

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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02:17 Car crashes
03:25 Car accident
03:52 Truck crashes
04:51 Cars crash
06:42 Motorcycle crash
07:05 Winter crash
07:52 Accidents with pedestrians
09:02 Crazy crash


23 Kommentare

  1. Another great car crashes time!! Thank you for posting!!

  2. Have a happy new year car crashes time.
    And drive safely.

  3. And make sure you wear your seatbelt, unlike the dude at 3:27.

    1. Какой Русский не любит быстрой езды??)))

  4. They know that winter in this part of earth is harsh and long and they don’t even fit winter tires or chains in their cars.

  5. Car Crash Time videos are awesome; I cringe through out.  I have found that it makes me a more cautious driver.
    Unfortunately, I know I’ll always see some ignorant comments (yes, usually from Americans) about how bad Russians drive.  Do they think that just because there aren’t as many compilations of drivers in other countries, Russia has the worst?  If they don’t see it then it isn’t happening.  When they close their eyes, do they think the world disappears?

    1. No.  When we see stupid accidents in America, we make the same comments.

  6. I recently read a report from the Russian government that said that the majority of auto accidents is due to poor road conditions. It looks like to me the roads are in pretty good shape, I think maybe it is the loose nuts behind the wheel. why don’t they just slow down a little bit and look before they leap, its not like it just started snowing there yesterday and they haven’t learned to drive in it yet. Perhaps the don’t have any kind of driver training classes they just let people who can afford a car drive it the best way they can.

    1. Every year it’s the first time it snows and freezes in Russia, or at least that’s how it looks like. Also stuff like road signs, traffic laws, car maintenance and actually using proper tyres are things that just are overrated. Every Russian knows that cars behave like Need for Speed physics anyway.

  7. 03:24, WOW dead? Flying out of his car, over to the sidewalk.

  8. 4:52 That’s quite an impact…  Did the occupants make it ?

  9. 7:52 exactly what I would do if someone didn’t wait for me to cross

  10. Another great video….The eastern bloc is a shining example to us all. If you put an idiot in a car he will kill himself. Darwinian theory at work

  11. I like the after-accident footage on those that have them.

  12. 4:51 If that guy were standing behind the truck instead of being on top he would’ve been so freaking dead! LOL

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