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Car Crashes Time 42

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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00:53 Car accident
03:19 Car crashes
05:08 Truck crashes
06:57 Cars crash
08:03 Car crash compilation


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    1. Here in Washington State, the motorcycle clubs resist laws promoting „lane splitting“ because (as they say) the drivers are so bad they could not handle it.

    2. +Max Maximov look at stats almost 19 Russian’s killed per 100,000 people U.S. almost 12 per 100,000 and that’s with a much larger driving population than Russia! Please check your facts before you post something! 

    3. +Max Maximov I’m not trying to start an argument Max their are million’s more cars and driver’s in the U.S. than Russia and I agree with you 12 and 19 are not that far apart until you consider the number of driver’s and cars in both countries than it is pretty significant I would never argue that their are not very bad driver’s here I’ve been a professional driver here for over 35 years you haven’t been I’ve driven all over this country more than once and I have been in Russia and the Ukraine more than once so I know what your saying about the roads sure I never drove in either country but I think you can understand my interest in seeing how people drive in other countries. I’ve been in Egypt also and I would say that driver’s there are just a little worst than in both our native countries. Not sure what buying a license has to do with anything but I’m sure that can be done in any country on the planet!

    4. +Max Maximov That is actually a huge difference. What like 58% higher

    5. Exactly. Per capita, more Russians die from car crashes every year than US drivers do.

  1. Is this because of alcohol & drugs or are Russians just mentally not adept to drive vehicles?

    1. Because Americans are worse at driving. More of us Text, call, etc while driving. its sad but true. Russians tend not to, but do end up drinking and driving. If you actually go to Russia, you will see that its not as bad as it is here in America. 

    2. +MrNick98 Fatalities per 100,000  -Russia 18.6   U.S. 11.6    U.K. 3.5   –it’s bad in US but it’s quite a lot worse in Russia. 

    3. +Greg Woods What do facts have to do with anything? Americans have larger cars so they take up more physical space and therefore they are more likely to hit other structures. Logic! Use it sometimes! /s

    4. Altered Austin's Freedom Ferret sagt:

      +stp48x LOL!!!! I hope you’re a troll. 

    1. I was thinking the same thing.  Could not see clearly but, including the guy that got out before the van started rolling, I counted 17.

    2. +I_iguavas_I I had not thought of that!  LOL, you may be right!

  2. At 7:15 how many people are in that Van?? I thought right off it must a clown car! certainly is a clown behind the wheel! this was posted a day ago yet i’m looking at crashes I’ve seen in other vids that were posted long before this one. And as for drivers being as bad here in the U.S. not true their certainly are some really bad drivers here but not like over there and yes I have been to Russia and the Ukraine!

  3. Abdarazack S HM U Preston sagt:

    7:15…I am amazed at how many people hopped out of that van 😀

  4. Note to Russians: Hit the gas, go faster. Hit the brakes, go slower. It works. Honest.

    1. what are those ‚brakes‘ you talk about? do the play mp3s?

  5. Are shoulders and medians designated passing lanes in Russia?

  6. In Russia they not wear braces or mirrors and eyes. Oncoming and simply collide, they are blind, drunk or stupid.

  7. Does ANYONE in Russia take a left turn from the far left lane?

    1. No, the far left lane is reserved for right turns only. :p

  8. natures way of keeping russian population at check….
    As the doctor said, i can cure alot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them…

    1. +Mangalex28 It’s like an episode of Twin Peaks. I keep waiting for a dancing midget.

  9. 7:15 = não parava de sair gente há há há

  10. From this evidence I’d guess about two in every ten Russian drivers is a maniac – the other eight are all just impatient bullies.


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