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Car Crashes Time 41

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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00:34 Car accident
02:15 Car crashes
03:43 Cars crash
05:17 Motorcycle crash compilation
05:52 Crazy crash
06:10 Truck crashes
06:55 Car crash compilation


29 Kommentare

  1. Another non-rare russian day caught on camera … 😐 

  2. 5:07 (accidental) drifting with a bus. Nicely saved! 😀
    5:52 the stupidity is beyond words. Someone probably died in that accident. 🙁

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Russians just dont have a clue about driving or the rules involved, hence the level of sheer stupidity involved in most crashes we’re being shown in all these clips.

  3. @ 7:46 … Had to look several times before I could see the stanchion the car hit.  If not for that, the two girls that had just run up would have been mincemeat.  Still amazed how a 7 cm pole could stop that mess.

    1. Abdarazack S HM U Preston sagt:

      I was looking at that kickass car! Will be hard to find parts for that repair!

    2. +Ryan Presly The Legendary (but now EXTINCT) Pontiac Firebird…
      They Built Excitement… T_T

    3. I wonder if the Russians collect American Muscle?

  4. In Russia the faster you go, the better driver you are.

  5. I’m always happy to see bikers crash. Fucking idiots think that the road is theirs and drive wherever they want at the speed they want. Honestly I wouldn’t even stop to see if they’re ok (whether it’s bikers or reckless drivers). Let them rot.

  6. 1:15 I’m embarrassed to say that I might have done the same thing. I was watching the cows waiting on 1 to dart in front of me.
    4:34 If that was fraud i’d say she earned that claim. Damn!
    6:00 They need to learn how judge distance and pass properly.

    Love this channel

  7. Car manufactures in Russia would save a lot of money if they stopped making cars with side and rear view mirrors, no one in Russia uses them anyway.

    1. They don’t seem to use their brakes or windscreens either.

    1. +James Weber Trans Am/Firebird judging by the wheels.

  8. 2:55 Car flies off road at exact same spot a previous car went off the road. You can see the place where the guard rail is smashed already, and there’s a red car at the bottom of the hill.

  9. At 1.15 is that a radar detector at the bottom of the screen?

  10. The song at 6:33 is so good. Anybody know what it is?

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