Car Crashes Time

Car Crashes Time 39

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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Music intro/outro: Tab and Anitek – Reconstruct.

01:32 Car accident
02:50 Car crashes
04:01 Cars crash
04:19 Truck crashes
05:17 Car crash compilation


23 Kommentare

  1. 3:48 that music goes with the accident lol

  2. 6:10 -That cow’s gonna feel that next morning.

  3. Why do Russians think their horn is the brake petal? Are brake pads hard to come by?

  4. Sad.  No motorcycle crashes this time.  But that one at 4:28…  Oh dear…..

  5. 4:20 is one of the nastiest accidents I’ve ever seen

    1. +gideon63 And the driver survived. Thats what i call luck.

    2. You can see both the woman’s shoes skidding along the pavement

  6. Wouldn’t be a car crash video without a Lada or two sliding into the path of other vehicles.  Every video has at least one stupid Lada!

  7. I’m enjoying the multi-cam shots. From different cars involved. 

  8. It seems the only thing these russians know is where the hazard light button is. Some of these wrecks, the hazards start flashing before the wreck ends lol.

  9. 7:34 – Tailgating, at speed, at night, on ice, in a storm. What could go wrong?

  10. Ninety percent of these accidents are totally preventable. Don’t any of these people get driver’s education? Are they all drunk? Is the highway just a race track for them and they think they are the only ones on it?

  11. So the one at 8:12 has his wife/partner AND a small child/baby with him, so obviously he drives at high speed and overtakes on an intersection. Makes perfect sense. If they ever want to conquer the West, they just have to send their drivers over. We’ll be forced to surrender within two days.

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