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Car Crashes Time 31

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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00:44 Car accident
01:54 Car crashes
03:04 Truck crashes
05:48 Cars crash
06:16 Bus crash
06:56 Motorcycle crash compilation
08:41 Car crash compilation


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  1. 6:56 – i hope the biker is already dead in a ditch with two bullet holes

    1. +Ahman Millener Trained by California Highway Patrol you say? Do all traffic wardens there believe that shifting to a higher gear will make them slow down faster or is it just you who was not paying attention during training? Because if you knew anything about bikes or stick shifts, you’d know that to make your engine brake you have to close the throttle and/or shift down. And it’s completely irrelevant in this situation anyways. Engine braking is useful if you want to maintain your speed when going downhill, match the speed of some slower vehicle in front of you or something like that. If the biker downshifted so sharply, the only result would most probably be rear wheel skid and loss of control (presuming he doesn’t have a racing slipper clutch fitted to an inconspicuously looking naked bike). And I strongly doubt he had time for anything else then slamming the brake (or both of them if he’s a really skilled rider).

    2. Yea and you didn’t hear the shift and the high rev… But oh well

    3. +Ahman Millener No, I didn’t, even after playing it multiple times on my headphones just to make sure. Until he hits the kids all I can hear is a motorcycle accelerating and picking up revs. After he crashes and gets out of screen, I can hear the revs changing rapidly, but I guess he just lost control or fell off the bike at that moment.

    4. Well so you know there was another problem no one mentioned and I noticed. There was another rider on the bike.

  2. How do you get these videos so quickly?? Are you a insurance adjuster or something?!

    1. I was wondering that too. This guys got an unlimited source.

    2. In answer, the video are posted to a police site where they can be viewed and peoples discretion. Its a big thing in Russia and America now to watch. I have had a dash can when a guy rolled back in to me and drove off! Busted! Hit and run baby and it got his license plate and his face!

    3. +Ahman Millener and now Australian TV is taking a British show of it.

    4. +jacksrabbit181 Who knew…lol Though one of the worst ones were in Australia.. Look for one there about a guy getting chased around the streets..

  3. If ever there was a society that shouldn’t have technology, this is it. Brain dead people with more money than sense and no idea that others exist, truly hilarious and sad

  4. I like CCT compilations. No music, Clean, 720p.

  5. The flying bus at 6:00 was impressive. Any details?

  6. Do the laws of physics not apply to Russian drivers?

  7. Awesome another vid I love it when I see a new compilation to watch.cheers mate

  8. From what I viewed, the cyclist was a victim of the impetuous children rushing to cross the road. And yes, what did the parents teach or not teach the children?

  9. So many accidents at those stupidly designed random pedestrian crosswalks that go across multiple lanes of high speed traffic. When are they going to catch on?  Everything seems so shitty there. That apartment building at 2:00 (and others throughout this vid) looks like it’s about to collapse.

  10. Seriously what do Russians have for tires those plastic things you find on hotwheels?

  11. 6:48 Did I get this right? Crashes into BMW, NOTHING happens with BMW’s rear. WTF?!

  12. Guide to Rushin‘ traffic signals:
    Green light = Go.
    Red light = Go.
    Yellow light = Go.
    Stop sign = Go.
    Crosswalks = Go.
    Brake and signals from other vehicles = Go.
    Uncontrolled intersections = Go. (Wait… they’re ALL uncontrolled. My bad)
    Go = 100 mph or greater if your pile can do it.

    1. +theclencher don’t forget loads of vodka and 20yo tires

    2. +Mateusz Wojtkiewicz Lol what a garbage country

  13. Brakes? We don‘ need no steenking brakes…when we hav VODKA!

  14. The kids at 7 minutes was a bit much, whatever about adults getting knocked down that wasnt nice to watch

    Also have russian bikers heard of be seen be safe. High viz and bright clothes is a lot more visible then black top and jeans

  15. About 2:00 is how I imagine Russia. Cloudy weather, depressing grey apartment complex and a wrecked Lada.

  16. I’ve decided Russians aren’t really bad drivers, they just have a public campaign to rid the country of all Ladas by any means possible.

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