Car Crashes Time

Car Crashes Time 28

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

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00:31 Car accident
01:37 Car crashes
02:54 Cars crash
03:32 Truck crashes
06:50 Motorcycle crash compilation
08:40 Car crash compilation


32 Kommentare

  1. These people have played GTA too much it seams…

    1. +katana spark Well, at least he didn’t have to wait too long for an ambulance!

  2. 12:20 – and that’s why they have cameras in the cars…

  3. the car driver at 8:15 need to be put in some psychiatric institution, how did he get his licence? To beat up the injured cyclist, for his own mistake, what if it were a motorbike?

  4. Funny how the russians can shoot down an unarmed civilian jetliner… But damned if they can follow just one traffic rule . . . .


  5. No Wonder there are more than 35.000 roadkills per year, in russia.
    They drive like maniacs

    1. I think they get there drivers license from isis

    2. 35000 is about the US. In Russia, numbers are not so gruesome.

  6. When these people pull in front of a moving vehicle, do they think it will fly over them? 
    am i missing something?

  7. how come this never happen in gta V? This is super real than gta V. Lame!

    1. +red blizzard The motorist – who proceeds to kick his victim.

  8. Altered Austin's Freedom Ferret sagt:

    Why does every russian look like they dressed themselves by stealing out of the charity drop box?

  9. What’s with Russian roads? Lack of stop lights, and a huge majority of the roads are not even marked to show lanes and turning lanes. Huge unmarked intersections with no lights or markings (12:46)… people are left to figure it out on their own.

    1. +zamardii12 In Soviet Russia, you mark the road with your blood!

      Yakov Smirnov said it.

  10. 11:20 Russian cops don’t seem to drive any better than the general public.12:00 Are ambulance drivers allowed to generate business themselves?

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