Car Crashes Time

Car Crash Compilation #56

Wie du mit nur wenigen Stunden Arbeit nebenbei mit dem Handeln von Autos 5.484 € und mehr im Monat verdienst – Erfahre hier mehr!

Best Car Crashes caught on tape over the last week.
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Music intro/outro: Tab and Anitek – Reconstruct.

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    1. Sort of looked like he was trying to escape custody or something? [O.o]

  1. i like how in every video, they say: „Rate this video like or dislike“.

    1. +YonOtto
      Do you know anyone else who said „Like or dislike“? They all say „Please, like, comment, subscribe, share on facebook, twitter, g+, instagram, tumblr, etc.“ No one is ok with dislikes, but it seems that this user doesn’t care about it.

    2. +InKstreme A more honest way of understanding what his audience thinks instead of just asking for likes, like most grubs on Youtube.

    3. +InKstreme I totally agree with you. Another upside of this youtube channel.
      Regulary Videos. Okay that’s usual for most of the youtubers. But they dont even have any kind of advertisements in the description

  2. 1:30 One way to get him off the phone!【ツ】

  3. 1:30 When will people ever learn……………always, always, always employ the use of a hands-free device when driving your phone!!!!

    1. What? Clearly they’re not using their hands while they drive…

    1. It’s the cammer who was nearly struck by the truck which caused the major pileup and is understandably a bit shaken up by it all.

  4. 1:33 the telephone you have dialed is temporarily not in service.

    1. LOL, the big handset flopping all over the road was funny.

  5. After watching so many Russian dashcam videos, I’m convinces that Russian law gives a time limit on left turns.  After your time is up, you have to turn left no matter how many vehicles are coming.

  6. 9:10 84 Miles per hour? I can’t imagine that being safe, let alone legal at this point.

    1. +froggina You don’t see a problem? How sad for you…and unfortunate for anyone on the highway with you.

    2. +froggina where I come from (which is not in Germany–we don’t have autobahns) the highway speed limit is typically 100 km/h. Sometimes 110 km/h (but that’s rare). This guy was going 25-35 over that limit.

    3. +jstrahan2 No need to be rude. I usually drive between 130 and 140 km/h on the autobahn (yeah, the german highway) since that is a speed I feel very safe with. And I am one of the slower drivers! Most cars go faster!

      +Andrew Teeluck Thanks for the explanation! I didn`t know that. I thought the speedlimit was higher since the highways in the US and also Russia often seem to be wide and flat. So, I learned something new today.

    4. Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude (and I still don’t believe it was). Anyway, just because something is legal does not necessarily mean it’s safe. And I’m telling you, 140kph on a public highway is NOT safe. Take it to the race track.

    5. Oh, and, if you notice, he was doing that on a crowded city bridge. Very likely illegal in addition to being unsafe.

  7. 4:20 Rushins are so dumb they think they can pass the car that’s towing them.

  8. Maybe if they used their windscreen wipers a bit more often, they’d be able to see what the f*** was going on…

    1. Против Глобал sagt:

      +Против Глобал

      Oh, a prisoner tried to escape. xD

  9. I’ve got a great idea! Whenever someone pulls out in front of me, I’ll just jut over into oncoming traffic and hit them instead!

  10. I dont get why some of the people here bib their horns at a car that is already out of control… what do they expect them to do?

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