Brian Chesky’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@bchesky)

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He’s an American Internet entrepreneur.

He’s best known as one of the co-founders of the hospitality exchange service, Airbnb.

He was named one of Time’s „100 Most Influential People of 2015“.

He’s Brian Chesky and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success.

1. Chase your dreams
As a child, he was interested in art, drawing replicas of paintings, and design.

2. Ask for feedback
He received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Industrial Design in 2004.

3. Start with the perfect experience
While at Rhode Island School of Design, he met Joe Gebbia, who would later be one of the co-founders of Airbnb.

4. Persevere
After college, he worked as an industrial designer and strategist at 3DID, Inc. in Los Angeles.

5. Always be a startup
In 2008, Harvard graduate and technical architect Nathan Blecharczyk became the third co-founder of Airbnb.

6. Redesign the world you live in
Each co-founder assumed a role within the new company, with Chesky becoming the leader and chief executive officer.

7. #Believe in the idea
In its first year, the company began internationalizing and opened several offices in Europe.

8. Be nuts!
In 2015, he announced that Airbnb was an official sponsor of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

9. Do more than expected
As of March 2015, Airbnb has a $20 billion valuation.

10. Have a mission
In 2015, Chesky was recognized on the Forbes list of America’s Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40.


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  1. earn money online sagt:

    Evan please make a video on ritesh agarwal

  2. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for the comment and for watching Benjamin. 🙂 #BTA569 Shine

  3. Number 6 is amazing. He has said it, totally well. Nothing to say more in his point.
    This believe is brilliant..

  4. Laura Brown sagt:

    „Don’t chase the money“

  5. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you very much for the appreciation and for watching Amazing Titicaca. 🙂 #Believe #BTA490 Shine

  6. Amazing Titicaca sagt:

    Great quality vid…really good vid…thanks for doing a good job Evan

  7. Rose Santiago sagt:

    UNLESS YOU EXPECT A STRAIGHTFORWARD RESOLUTION TO A SIMPLE PROBLEM…THEN EXPECT TO WAIT ON HOLD FOR 20 MINUTE CLIPS ONLY TO SPEAK WITH A VERY NICE PERSON THAT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A RECEPTIONIST WHO LISTENS POLITELY TO YOUR CONCERNS AND THEN SAYS, „I’LL BE SURE TO PASS THIS ALONG TO A CASE MANAGER“ That works the first 3 calls but after the 3rd week of no contact from the case manager, one begins to suspect that billion dollar company does not have their act together (or their morals and values)!

  8. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    That’s awesome to know Farida! Inspiring! Thanks for sharing. More power to you! 🙂 #Believe #BTA457 Shine

  9. Farida Pambos sagt:

    Watching this made me thankful that I followed what I wanted to be as a Property Investor. I remembered when no Banks wanted to loan me money to buy a property especially as single mother with one child. I was 46 already when my son found a secure job with regular income while I worked 2 jobs. I made him to put all his pay to my account. We saved $15,000 as a deposit on $290000 2BR apartment in Sydney back in 2006. 3 properties later within 10 years and going. And that $290K property is now $750K. One of them with million dollars water view is going to be on Air B&B in 2018 in Tasmania, Australia.

  10. The Bible Atheist sagt:

    #SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires by Paul Chan i agree but not fully. My brother was obsessed with soccer, in Africa we call it football. He was scouted and went to Germany where he now plays for s club in 2. Bundesliga. Thanks to his football obsession, we’ve now moved from a slum dwelling to a middle class estate. My siblings can now afford school fees without having to worry about anything else. We’ve lived in a wood shelter for a long time in our lives. What you sir are driving at is the old way of thinking ( contrary to the fact that you agree that one doesn’t have to be a scholarly success in order to be successful) .

  11. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad to hear that you like it! Thank you for sharing and thanks for watching. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA437 Luka

  12. Quintin Tufoua sagt:

    „do more than what they expect…“
    You are officially the man Evan. Awesome 10 rules!!

  13. Freshlook Group Ltd sagt:


  14. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for the love and support Freshlook CO. 🙂 Much love and blessings! #BTA398 Shine

  15. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for watching Ryo. 🙂 #BTA398 Shine

  16. Freshlook Group Ltd sagt:

    God Abundantly Bless You Evan and team…from the Heart.

  17. The more governments regulate, the more there will be Airbnb companies in the market. Why not remove some of red tape and make it easier for entrepreneurs to open new hotels, to hire more staff. In countries where hotel market is heavily regulated Airbnb is sometimes the only choice to get accommodation.

  18. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad to know they resonated with you. 🙂 Thanks for the appreciation and for watching. #BelieveNation #BTA343 Shine

  19. dansogordon1010 sagt:

    awesome! Last three resonated the most..great video bud

  20. Max Hawaii sagt:

    Paul Chan aou are absolutely right, I agre with you on this.

  21. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for the comment and for watching Imad. 🙂 #BTA315 Shine

  22. Imad Assi sagt:

    WOAW the „Do more than expected“!!!:)

  23. Derik S. I think this guy has the luxury of not having enough money for rent. Not everyone has that luxury. Only reason why I’m not successful

  24. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for the suggestion Roberto. I will pass it on to #BelieveTeam. 🙂 Thank you very much for the appreciation and for watching! #BelieveNation #BTA258 Shine

  25. Roberto Ramirez sagt:

    Evan! Once again thank you for the video! i now see that people ask or make recommendations for 10 rules video. So, here is my suggestion: Matthieu Ricard „the happiest man in the world“
    I didn’t see any video of him so I hope it works for you

  26. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks Luke!! #BTA181 Nina

  27. Luke Sikwebu sagt:

    Ask for feedback! Very strong principle – thanks Ev

  28. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for sharing T y k a. #BTA179 Shine

  29. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad you liked it T y k a. 🙂 Thank you very much for watching! #BTA179 Shine

  30. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for watching and for sharing your thoughts Rajab. #BTA179 Shine

  31. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Derik and thanks for watching. 🙂 #BTA179 Shine

  32. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Awesome to know that Alex. 🙂 Glad to know there are tips in the video that will be of help to you. All the best to your startup! Thanks for watching. #BTA179 Shine

  33. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thanks for sharing your views Paul. 🙂 #BTA178 Shine

  34. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Thank you very much for the comment and for watching Paul. 🙂 #BTA178 Shine

  35. Evan Carmichael sagt:

    Glad you loved it Nkiru. Thank you very much for watching. 🙂 #BTA178 Shine

  36. „Do more than expected“ really got me

  37. Awesome!

  38. Rajab Khairula sagt:

    I am thinking the same I believe the ideal I have got thanks Evan again BTA 38

  39. I think this guy has to thank that he had the luxury of just getting up, and leaving, to a entirely new city, where he knew practically no one (San Francisco). Not everyone has that luxury. Just saying.

  40. I Am Alex sagt:

    My startup will be most similar to his, thanks a lot 😀 Some great tips where in here.

  41. #SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires by Paul Chan sagt:

    Thank you. Having studied in Germany and Japan, I don’t consider my view Chinese, American or anything else but global. Right now, there is a huge problem of unemployed in all countries. The usual thing is to blame immigrants, big bankers, the government etc.. So far, my study has found hundreds of self-made billionaires who never went to college. In Europe, the founder’s of ALDI, Ikea, Zara never finished high school. The richest man in Asia and Australia are refugee immigrants.. In my humble opinion, most youths are unemployed because they spend their time and energy on soccer, basketball, computer games, TV etc..

    and if they read, they read vampires , Spiderman, zombies, pirates..

    I am an old man trying to save the world.. Here are the alternatives read Ortega Amancio, Ingvar Kamprad, the ALDI Brothers etc..
    instead of reading Messi, Ronaldo.
    There are better alternative out there.

  42. Paul Johannes sagt:

    very interresting this guy. thank you. so cool to see his top 10 rules just before I am about to use airbnb for the first time. had no idea who he was.

  43. Nkiru Ojimadu sagt:

    redesign the world you live in. ..I love it!

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