Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands | Allan Pease | TEDxMacquarieUniversity

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Allan Pease is an Honorary Professor of Psychology at ULIM International University, who researches and studies selling relationships and human communication. He teaches simple, field-tested skills and techniques that get results. And he delivers his message in a humorous way, which motivates people to want to use. Allan's own experience and record in the field of selling, motivating and training is equalled by few others. He is a born achiever, starting his career at the age of 10. Globally known as "Mr Body Language", his programs are used by businesses and governments to teach powerful relationship skills. His messages are relevant to any area of life that involves winning people over and getting them to like you, co-operate, follow you or say 'yes'.

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22 Kommentare

  1. I’m so glad that the power is in the palms and not in the fists and knuckles, but not enough martial arts utilize it.

  2. Brilliant benefactor sagt:

    This is absolutely true.

    If you were ever looking for a MANUAL to human behavior read Alan Pease Body Language.

    Watch all of his videos too.

    This is the MOST BASIC and the most IMPORTANT lesson you will EVER learn in life and you will learn it from this guy.

    Everything else you know is PALE compared to the knowledge of body language.

  3. Alejandro LARUMBE sagt:

    I’ve learned a few things and it was also entertaining so it’s a 9 out 10 for me mate! He’s a good speaker hands down… or up.

  4. zachhackz sagt:

    Great talk!

  5. Jeff Bruce sagt:

    straight to the point~~no wasted time with personal „stuff“~~hand/arm + pacing back and forth are very telling~~many speakers do these motions to the n’th degree and are a turn-off because of that~~thx for a poss shake, eh!!

  6. AShadowWolf sagt:

    What an amazing talk. I’ve seen countless videos and advice about body language and power positions but nothing as simple yet effective as this.

  7. Steve Hoag sagt:

    The apes use this language / code in the most recent Planet of the Apes trilogy.

  8. Brilliant

  9. Gary Walter sagt:

    7:54 Did’nt like the middle finger man

  10. Ala Souissi sagt:

    we need a fuking airplan to hear this guy

  11. tridivesh naidu sagt:

    0:53 right section, 1st row , 3rd girl….lol lol lol

  12. VERY VERY VERY good TED talk keep it up!

  13. Scott Walker sagt:

    Oddly, I did not like him at all for the first 60 seconds. His content won me over 100%

  14. Umer Aijaz sagt:

    Love TEDx talks

  15. James Fenton sagt:

    Now I know why I hate President Chump.

  16. 6:36 Apparently just about everyone is 20% of people.

  17. orlendatube sagt:

    11:13 eeeexcellent! tee hee

  18. The Life of Tony sagt:

    Allan Pease is an Aussie national treasure.

  19. Zhuoran Zhou sagt:

    He was j doing what more people are familiar with.

  20. yeah, it is about influencing others. palms down is authoritarian, so he should be right? Therefore influencing people better, I assume

  21. Direwolf202 sagt:

    And it works. When someone is running for POTUS under a campaign like Trump’s that is exactly how you want it. With Obama his open palms make you think of him how his campaign wanted you to think.

  22. Grigore Cusnir sagt:

    watching this in 2016 and trump is using all the negative hand positions.

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