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Best Ways To Lose Weight (TRUTH ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT!!)

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Sometimes the best ways to lose weight aren’t the ones you see in the fitness magazines. Because if they did tell you the truth about how to lose weight, you wouldn’t need to buy magazines anymore! There are no real secrets to weight loss, and if you’re looking to get skinny fast, it’s probably not going to happen…or if it does, you won’t stay that way for long!

Instead you need to look for the most sustainable ways. As Amy Jo says in the video, there are many ways to lose weight that work, but there is also a best way to lose weight. The best way involves making a sustainable lifestyle change…one that you can start and maintain forever, not just a few weeks.

Paridoxically, the best secrets to losing weight are the ones that are rarely shared in the fitness community. But we’re here to share them with you today. There are no easy ways to lose weight, but there are ways that do work, if you’re willing to do the work!

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  1. Great info! AMy Jo can train me any day! 😉

  2. This is really working!

  3. Sensible and no nonsense advice. I have just started on my journey (again!). This time I am more focussed, hitting the weights hard but am also being kind to myself. Dialing the sweet tooth back is the REAL battle. But the more you deprive yourself of sweets, the more you taste other flavours. I hate cardio so this video is good and welcome advice.

  4. Athleanx for women… Why am I just discovering this? I’ve been following Athleanx for a while but this is a game changer.

  5. l luv u sweetie

  6. „Best Ways To Lose Weight“

    Burn more calories than you consume – end of story.

  7. sprinters bodies are more muscular than the long distance runners, not leaner.

  8. This some of the best advice out there. great upload. I’d like to add though that to lose even more body fat you can get your protein and fibre from whole foods as appose to meat and dairy and the weight will absolutely fly off whilst still maintaining muscle mass. Excellent video! thanks for upload.

  9. No one ever gives credit to the people in the thumbnail, who is she?

  10. Any link to Athlean X or just hitch hiking on a good brand name?

  11. I like meals from WooPep diet. I learned a lot of new diet practices from them.

  12. Are you affiliated with Athlean-X or just ripping him off?

  13. For me, avoid carbs and sugar like they’re the plague….

  14. Leia, how’s the weight loss going?
    I have been „chubby“ my whole life – on a diet at 12yr, I am now 59 and fabulous but it’s always about a lifestyle change. I taught exercise for 15 years at a size 14 and looked great for a ‚big“ girl, but always wanted to be a size 6/7. I workout at home most days and you can get lots of ideas from a book called „You Are Your Own Gym : The Bible Of Bodyweight Exercises“.

    I am now a size 8/9 and very happy with my body. If you need any suggestions for modifications to the exercises online I can help also. I modify nearly every exercise to fit my personal needs.
    Best of luck!

  15. Fantastic information. Thanks

  16. You can lose weight fast with this great diet plan here: HootFat. com

  17. I like circuit training the best! I need to keep it up!

  18. that’s what everyone say’s and SHOULD know but people like her say it like „we had NO CLUE“

  19. Jason Viper She legit said you have to work out AND eat healthy first off. Second off, she mentioned sustainability in nutrition and work out programs so obviously she is not advertising 90 day work out programs… did you even watch the video?

  20. I’ve been looking through the videos for Athlean and it looks like I have to have a lot of equipment and it doesn’t look like this is something that can do at home. I’m wondering if there are videos for this program that is easy to do at home?

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