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Best Bodyweight LEG WORKOUT (Women’s Body Weight Beast!!)

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Get killer leg and butt workouts!

Ladies, today we've got the best home bodyweight leg workout ever…it's a real women's body weight beast! This workout will help you to get toned, sexy legs and a butt lift! Let's get these leg and booty exercises started.

1) Squat Hold — This killer thigh move is your rest time. Hold for 15 seconds between each move.

2) 3 Time Touchdowns – This legs exercise is a real challenge for both the thighs and butt.

3) Squat Hold

4) Long Leap, 4 Jump Lunges — This bodyweight leg exercise will get you toned legs in no time.

5) Squat Hold

6) Toe Taps — This cardio move will help get your heart pumping.

7) Squat Hold

8) 3 Way Touchdowns — Another great body weight butt and thigh exercise.

9) Squat Hold

10) Duck Under — A great finisher for your butt and thigh workout.

Hope you enjoyed these body weight leg exercises, or maybe enjoy isn't the right word! If this workout had you on your knees at the end, then you definitely got a great legs and butt workout!
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28 Kommentare

  1. very nice demo…thanks

  2. I wanna be trapped in between those legs ahhhh

  3. new to the channel and I love it!!

  4. Melissa, you are the best! Love your workouts!!!!! Do you have anything for the outer upper thighs trouble, toward the hip area?

  5. U have killer legs wow

  6. I like a trainer that’s not „perfect“! The fact she’s out of breath & wobbling, makes me feel like I can really relate to her! Love it!!

  7. You can’t do this kind of workout in sand.   There’s no support under your feet.

  8. Omg i thought this looked Fairly easy so i tried it and my legs were shaking i had to stop a thew times but i feel stronger already thank you x

  9. +abby kelly Glad you’re enjoying the workouts Abby!

  10. You rock Melissa Ioja! Thanks for so many fresh, tough workouts!

  11. Fabulous! Gonna do this tonight! Just a suggestion – to not add music with these workouts. That way we can use our own.

  12. Athlean-XX Trainer Melissa sagt:

    Awesome! Welcome!

  13. Glad you’re enjoying the workouts +Niccola B!  If you get a chance, check out the full ATHLEAN-XX for Women program on our website, too! 

  14. New to the channel and loving it!!!

  15. Thanks!!! I love all your workouts!!! Keep it up!!!

  16. Athlean-XX Trainer Melissa sagt:

    Set your interval timer for 15 Rounds…10 Sec „rest“ and 50 secs of „work“ it equals 15 minutes. If you’re crazy, do 20 rounds!! 🙂

    Hold the squat during the 10 secs.

  17. Athlean-XX Trainer Melissa sagt:

    Girl I do too! We shoot about 8 in a day and that would KILL me! I still want to give you may hardest workouts tho. Replay the round and do it with me again! 🙂

  18. Athlean-XX Trainer Melissa sagt:


  19. Athlean-XX Trainer Melissa sagt:

    Yes…whatever weight you can add is great as long as you are comfortable using it.

  20. Athlean-XX Trainer Melissa sagt:

    Yes…every minute is one round. When you set an interval timer, it usually asks how many rounds. If you go through the 5 exercises, I call that a „SET“ so you do 3 Sets of the exercises. Hopefully I haven’t confused you more!! 🙂

  21. Boom! Yes!! Thank you for this one, perfect level for what I’m after xxx

  22. I do not have a weight bag or dumbbells, so is it okay for me to use regular weight plates until I’m able to get those items?

  23. I believe it’s three rounds. There’s five different exercises that 3×5 is 15

  24. Killer workout! So what’s the timer set on? You say 10 seconds of squat rest. But it says when it’s written down 15 seconds and it doesn’t say how long to work for. Is the work time 45 seconds or one minute? Thanks Melissa !!! your amaze balls

  25.  l LOVEEEEEEE Melissa’s workouts but I wish it was real time

  26. Did you say 15 rounds?!!!

  27. Will these workouts make my legs appear larger? Nice video tho! Love you guys!

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