Amex Platinum: Metal Card, New Perks Announced

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Check out the amazing new perks of the Amex Platinum…
Amex Webpage for new perks:

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  1. Lamberto Ledezma sagt:

    Is there a cost to transfer Hilton points to MR and what’s the ratio?

  2. Yes, I just did that because I preferred to carry a plastic card around with me on a daily basis. You would still need to use your platinum card for the benefits with everything minus the hotel collection service. That means you still get the reward points as well with the gold card.

  3. Brett Duffy sagt:

    u need to pay in full each month

  4. Jason Rodriguez sagt:

    I travel 2 time year I spend 4000 u thick card worth it?

  5. Jonathan Brown sagt:

    How did you get approved

  6. The Credit Shifu sagt:

    +niscomok credit score in the 700s, several lines of credit, maybe 20k or more in total credit. But actually there is no hard and fast rule, I’m just guessing.

  7. Sorry this is probably a dumb question but how many lines of credit or what credit limit would you likely require to qualify for the platinum? Thanks your channel is great! Look forward to more vids

  8. smittyboy007 sagt:

    Can you order a Gold card for yourself?

  9. Xtracik807 sagt:

    thinking about it as 550/year will give you mini strokes rather i think of it as $1.5/day. much easier pill to swallow

  10. BananaSamurai sagt:

    It’s still not as good as the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Who cares about prestige? I would rather have the most value.

  11. John Cross sagt:

    They really need to add the 2X point category for Restaurants to this rather than Uber credit. That make me want to whip it out more. Or just add the 2X category from the Gold card.

  12. nickweg1996 sagt:

    Josh The 100k bonus being trimmed was the plan from the beginning. And there has been no talk yet of downgrading anything.

  13. Amex is overreaching and trying to compensate for losing contracts with Costco, Hertz and other big companies. Amex is on the decline and desperate for revenue. (they lost over 3 billion last year) Vendors also don’t like paying Amex fees so they refuse to take Amex.

  14. Chase has already posted losses of $300 million on the Reserve card. They slashed the sign up bonus from 100,000 to 50,000 now among other perks being terminated by end of 2017.

  15. Kelvin Gilmore sagt:

    Thanks for sharing, my Friend ! God Bless You !

  16. I love my amex platinum card and looking foward to the new gen metal amex plat march 30th.

  17. Mark Santucci sagt:

    James  Allen  would you like to come over to my condo and look at  my  4 credit reports?  I  had  a  Green card and  on the credit reports  under type of loan  it says CREDIT CARD OPEN. IT’S  A CREDIT CARD NOT A REVOLVING CREDIT CARD BUT OPEN CREDIT CARD  for charge card  it says Kohls  and  Lord &Taylor.

  18. Ryan Hansell sagt:

    any future plans on doing a video about the unpopular Luxury Card from MC? I can’t find anything on it that can justify the $1,000 annual fee.

  19. TWDxKILL3R sagt:

    Amex is a good company but they raised the annual fee for this card and tried making it worth it by making the card metal? Smh

  20. Stas The Video Agent sagt:

    Ask Sebby yeah, I really like that too. I spoke with CS and they said we are not getting the medal card or new perks or the new fee. And I have yet to receive the card. I received my Chase Amazon metal card in 3 days and Barclay’s cash fwd in 5 days. Thought the Platinum would be quicker.

  21. Ask Sebby sagt:

    Side note, the business version has a cool perk where you get 50% of your points back on flight redemptions (with the airline you pick). So if you use 50k points on a flight, you’ll get 25k back on your next statement!

    „Select a qualifying airline. Use Membership Rewards® Pay with Points for all or part of your flight with that airline, and you can get 50% of the points back.“

  22. James Allen sagt:

    Agent_WestCoast A Detroit metropolitan airport is a major hub for Delta

  23. Mark Santucci sagt:

    James  an  application is always  a hard inquiry  .   I  wouldn’t wait for an invitation  I  would call them up get the number from their site  But I would call I  wouldn’t wait for the invitation .

    James  to tell you the truth theres no special way in order to get this invitation.  about a  month ago I  got an invitation  for the platinum card  theres no special  method on how to get one.  do you have either  a travel card or  a  American express card?

    if you apply before March 30th  I  believe  you get the Metal  but i’m not sure.  as far as perks goes  I believe  you get  the upgraded perks.

    I  think  a  hard inquiry  is  about  10 to 20 points off your score.

    if you applied tonight  you would get the plastic card  if you apply  like  March 25th or later  you would probably get the plastic that would be my guess.  I  think  you have to wait til March 30th if you want the Metal.   as far as the invintation  goes  when do you need the platinum card if it’s very soon  I  wouldn’t wait.  if it’s no rush  you  then wait for an invatition

    the more questions  the better.

  24. laila kassem sagt:

    that card is for New Yorkers

  25. Agent_WestCoast A sagt:

    I agree. However, Amex works better with Delta and those flying out of Delta hubs in the USA.

  26. Stas The Video Agent sagt:

    The Credit Shifu so probably no metal card either than. That sucks. Owell

  27. The Credit Shifu sagt:

    It is just the consumer version of the card that get’s the new perks, so no the business does not. And the annual fee for the business one is still $450. But that is just what info is available now, there may be updates about the business card later. Take a look at the website in the description of this video for more info from amex.

  28. Stas The Video Agent sagt:

    Hmm,… I just signed up on Sunday for the Platinum Business Card,… Will I get a metal card as well? Haven’t gotten my card yet.

  29. nickweg1996 sagt:

    Still think the CSR is the better option. Much more flexible.

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