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„All Of Me“ – John Legend (Theatre Grand Piano Cover) – Costantino Carrara

„Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Piano… in Less Than 30 Days – Guaranteed!“


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  1. Mr. EnderStryx sagt:

    I just love that bright strong sound of yamaha

  2. MariaLaura Pavia sagt:

    Mio dio adoro.

  3. Beena philip sagt:

    why r u so perfect????

  4. Could you Cover „Skyfall“ bye Adele? You are one of rhe best piano players I know!

  5. Omg. Very nice

  6. Duane Catton sagt:

    Amaizin! Says it all

  7. Amee Durant sagt:

    Can I get the sheets for free? Is there a way?

  8. arlene angeles sagt:

    so closed and i was amaze ,very much beautiful

  9. Paty quesada sagt:

    this songs remembers me the worst moment in my life when i changed to another school i know i can sound dizzy but its real my teacher always put us that song

  10. Phillip West sagt:

    Gorgeous arrangement, but I can’t find it on iTunes. Any suggestions?

  11. Claude Bertrand Mbayin sagt:

    beautiful but tge sheets arent cheap

  12. pronicka tatalios sagt:


  13. Ian Beskow sagt:

    subscribed men this is two opee

  14. iftikhar hussain sagt:


  15. Natalie Penman sagt:

    how have i only just discovered this now?

  16. ardiansyah bimo sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music its ok being ignored dude

  17. Corentin Bouchain sagt:

    It’s so wow but i cry when i heard this song.

  18. michela rontani sagt:

    parlando inglese*

  19. Alma Armateo sagt:

    thank you for the sheet music. 🙂 you are so great! really!!

  20. Keya Sarkar sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music

  21. Nick Salfai sagt:

    Costantino Carrara Music where did you learn this, or did you create the arrangement on your own

  22. Costantino Carrara Music sagt:

    Hi guys, I just created my Patreon page! http://bit.ly/CostaPatreon 😀
    Here you can support me with a few dollars and receive a lot of exclusive content, like MP3s/scores/tutorials/previews/hangouts! Check it out! http://bit.ly/CostaPatreon 😀

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