A well educated mind vs a well formed mind: Dr. Shashi Tharoor at TEDxGateway 2013

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Minister of State,Ministry of Human Resource Development,Government of India

An elected Member of Parliament, former Minister of State for External Affairs and former Under-Secretary-General to the United Nations, Dr. Shashi Tharoor is the prize-winning author of fourteen books, including the classic The Great Indian Novel (1989), India from Midnight to the Millennium (1997), Nehru: The Invention of India (2003) and most recently Pax Indica: India & the World of the 21st Century (2012).

A widely-published critic, commentator and columnist, Dr. Shashi Tharoor served the United Nations during a 29-year career in refugee work, peace-keeping,communications and public information and earnestly worked in the Secretary-General's office. In 2006, he was India's candidate to succeed Kofi Annan as UN Secretary-General. He has won India's highest honour for Overseas Indians, the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, and numerous literary awards, including the Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

21 Kommentare

  1. suhas 180 sagt:

    A good guy in a bad party

  2. Priyanka Gupta sagt:

    Well said sir

  3. rahul kaushik sagt:

    Shashi Tharoor, please make ur own party and i swear u r gonna be our next prime minister.. You are being wasted in Congress!!!

  4. Pasang diki Sherpa sagt:

    Wow. Wonder what the thumps down are for. The one major issue with our education is the number of drop outs, especially in the rural areas. It’s huge. In urban areas, the education at private school has become a business of sorts. The money involved just to get an admission sometimes is an outrage.

  5. Shivam Shankhdhar sagt:

    Amazing speech, but its very unfortunate that current government is interested in cow politics.

  6. Rabin Mukherjee sagt:

    he should come up as the face of Congress party for the betterment of party as well as country.

  7. He is fighting from wrong side; every time I see him, I can’t help myself but to think about it

  8. alafwinjaidali khan sagt:

    Indians are very smart people….. They are amazing… Love india❤❤❤

  9. Harshit Jain sagt:

    average age is an exasperating farrago in several countries

  10. Tenzin Shenphen sagt:

    Really this gentlman reflects the indian ancient view of learning is knowledge is sheald of life. I am just a very ordinary Tibetan but not a shread of hasitation for bowing down to meassy looking India which is like lotus grow in muds and the knowledge can also change that the lotus doent need to grow in muds

  11. That Girl sagt:

    Optimism is fine but let’s be real, overpopulation is not something that should be romanticized as a boon. So many talented young folks here who can’t get good jobs because of the overpopulation. We need to get this issue under control to ensure a quality life for everyone. Just my two cents.

  12. Susmita Barua sagt:

    That is significant 95% of 12 year old in India can read and write.

  13. Md Tarikul Alam sagt:

    „We are coming“…such a magnetic speech

  14. Hairy Porter sagt:

    He should be the prime minster or president of this country.

  15. George Alexander sagt:

    Only idiots can deny this man. Truly deserving to be the PM of this nation.

  16. George Alexander sagt:

    Only idiots

  17. NIKESH DHAPARE sagt:

    His speeches gives me eargasm.

  18. Umer Aijaz sagt:

    Another favorite episode of tedx talks after Dr. Seema Anand’s.
    I must say Indians possess versatility that motivates me the most to be like one.

  19. Gau bhakts and RSS doesn’t understand his English …so they won’t vote him

  20. David Jegan sagt:

    Varnit Gajpal ….. ha ha ha

  21. Varnit Gajpal sagt:

    Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist

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