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TED Fellow and OneBeat Fellow, Artist, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist.

21 Year Old Usman Riaz grew up playing classical piano since the age of 6. Picking up guitar at 16 Usman taught himself how to play percussive guitar. Along with these 2 primary instruments he experiments with a number of other ones such as Harmonica, Mandolin, Harmonium and percussion. His recent at TED performances and talks at TED Global 2012 and his selection for the US State department funded cultural/music exchange program OneBeat have proven to him that the internet can be used as a reliable platform to learn new things and open up pathways that seemed impossible before.

Usmans Orchestral works can be heard on:

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19 Kommentare

  1. D. COLORING C. FOR KIDS sagt:


  2. I can do all these…

    Yep, I’m kidding

  3. BİLGESU ÖZKAN sagt:

    Like real August Rush

  4. All My Friends sagt:


  5. waw he is amazing

  6. Victor Saldana sagt:


  7. Ahmad Tariq sagt:

    Some people cant find soul in his music because unfortunately he ain’t white.

  8. Jackson Akins sagt:

    anyone got tabs

  9. Nishit Shah sagt:

    I always love to watch TEDx videos online as I get to know sooo many things and get inspired to do what I love and continue doing what I love. I don’t have proper words to describe this guy’s skills and his passion for music has actually inspired me even more.. Listening to his last piece of music made me tap my feet and I really enjoyed it…. Great going Usman Riaz.. Keep rocking…. Love from India

  10. Michael E. Kaminski sagt:

    Michael Hedges built his whole sound on this stuff. Good, but not that special. Sorry.

  11. Vishal Vishwadhatrey sagt:

    Just Radically Classic.

  12. Buddy Ollie sagt:

    Bobby Humphrey true…

  13. Ricardo Proenca sagt:

    With all respect, this guy is talentd but not a musical genius, musical genius are not a right term for that.. It sounds very close to Andy Mckee but nothing compared, neither so melodic.

  14. Bobby Humphrey sagt:

    we Americans need to turn this kid on to Eddie Van Halen and Lynyrd Skynyrd!

  15. Ulrich Bergmann sagt:

    Thats a show guy. He know well what impress viewers. but the music self…cool songwriting is different, hooklines not outstanding. its technical very good butr not much musically. real music genius most time play simple stuff with more „deepness“.
    but that guy is young, so its natural he is more focused on technical stuff, he will grow up. 😉

  16. Claire Count sagt:

    Amazing – such talent to be able to learn to play nearly any instrument so quickly – talented in art and film. I wonder what we could do if we turned off the TV’s and computer games and applied ourselves. Such passion! Well done Mr Riaz

  17. Steve Burks sagt:

    He should be on the *real* TED.

  18. Skeller Monk sagt:

    What a poser..

  19. Caleb Crowe sagt:

    „But why stop there and make a point out of this when I can show more of my musical ability?“

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