46-Min Best Beginner/Intermediate Pilates Workout – Pilates Workout for butt & Thighs

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  1. I miss you teacher am on a weekend

  2. Hi teacher I am Robert Ibrahem

  3. I want a body like her. She’s gorgeous!

  4. thanks! I’m doing this 5 times a week ant it feels so grait 🙂

  5. It’s tough but worth it!

  6. I m doing it firs time it was really hard.. Its not for biginner, becouse it was sooo hard. thanks I will do this everyday 🙂

  7. Thank you so much xoxo

  8. One of my favourite gymra ’s workout ! it is perfect if you need a no impact session that really works!

  9. Thanks for the rubbery legs.

  10. This woman has been blessed by the gods of beauty and health!

  11. Anneliese the Goblin King sagt:

    no likey.

  12. can I ask a question Christine

  13. you are beautiful and inspiring

  14. Semper-ego Auditor-tantum sagt:

    For beauty of form, nothing in this world surpasses the human body. This video of this woman is proof.

  15. Did somebody burn callories doing this exercises? Кто-нибудь похудел, занимаясь по этой программе?

  16. bloody hell

  17. excellent workout! Is it necessary to have your breasts hanging out to get people interested?

  18. lady go for trampoline park is fun joy be feeling good

  19. she lose weight eat healthy food and orange juice

  20. lady the good sit take big beating

  21. The abdominal pulses don’t do anything. How do I do a crunch if I’m not moving my upper or lower body? The booty busters are also horrible. How do I NOT sink into the other hip if my one leg is not on the ground? So frustrated!


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