45-Minute Cardio Pilates and Strength-Training Workout | Class FitSugar

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  1. This is a really good workout for both men and women. Thank you Lisa and Popsugar.

  2. Okay, faved.

  3. Achtung: Bei Pilates & Friends könnt Ihr jetzt 10 Tage kostenlos und unverbindlich alle Online Kurse testen: Wenn Ihr Euch über die 10-Tage-Challenge anmeldet habt Ihr sogar 2 Wochen kostenlosen Zugriff!

  4. Such an awesome workout!!

  5. Waww amazing workout, loved it!

  6. This one is really challenging! Wow. Thank you so much.

  7. Dorota K it’s become so sexual, between the tights and the poses it’s amazing to watch. I get so hard

  8. a very great workout for in between more intense workout days, especially after my 15 km run yesterday! 45 mins flew by, but i sweat hard. awesome!

  9. great workout!

  10. Yes I thought the same!

  11. Pilates moves are always soo much harder than you think!

  12. Thank you so much for this workout. I did this yesterday and did the shorter version of this today. This burns great and makes me feel good for the rest of the day. I really enjoy Lisa’s workouts. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  13. No problem. 🙂 Let me know how it goes.

  14. nell wit3″douck

  15. It’s me! Thanks so much for this comment. Totally made my day 🙂

  16. sofia kelly I weigh 137 lb. My Fit bit says I burned 230 calories.

  17. First time Lisa Corsello for me, who is this woman? She is sooo good!

  18. No one can give you a specific number because the calorie burn varies from person to person. It depends on your age, sex, body mass and fat to muscle ratio. The fitter you are the higher the calorie burn. Also it is higher for younger people, and men tend to burn more than women due to different hormone levels. But the good news is that as long as you work-out every day you don’t have to worry about the calorie burn that much. As long as you eat healthy you will lose fat and gain muscle if it’s what you’re after. Good luck 🙂

  19. What I meant was, um. Okay, take this workout for example. Say you did it every single day for, like, a month. Your body is going to get used to the workout, and therefore won’t burn as many calories. So as long as you’re mixing up your workout videos you should be good. Try to do weight training every other day. And do high intensity (If you’re trying to lose weight) maybe 3 times a week. For days when you don’t feel like exercising try dance. You’ll still get a great cardio workout but it’ll feel fun! Maybe try some barefoot workouts a few times a week. Yoga, Pilates, and ballet are all great for toning, strengthening, and lengthening your entire body. As for your eating, don’t go from eating junk food to eating nothing but „health“ foods. Take small steps toward healthier eating habits. But don’t cut out junk foods entirely. Give yourself a treat once in a while.

  20. agreed! Love the 45 min +…keep em‘ coming!

  21. I agree, same here

  22. Maya Tanner so i should change my workout every week? I have this routine: monday is legs and butt, tuesday abs and arms,..
    So should i change every week my workout? And i have struggles with eating healthy…

  23. She really does.

  24. Phew! Hardest workout I’ve done so far on popsugar. Thanks for keeping us healthy!

  25. Totally! Something about her features and her smile

  26. How many calories does this burn?

  27. I’m just 13 and this channel had made me accomplish the body i want the most amazing channel about fitness is this channel nothing is better than this thank u so much pop sugar i love u so much

  28. This workout will be perfect after my brutal kettlebell workout yesterday! Thanks for all the longer workouts lately, I’m really enjoying them.

  29. The lady with the headband reminds me a little of Gabrielle Union.

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