Athlean-XX for Women

20 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout (INTENSE SPIN CHALLENGE!!)

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The best fat burning workouts can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition system

This 20 minute indoor cycling workout is a challenging spin workout that will help you burn loads of fat. You can do this 20 minute spin class at home if you have a spin bike, or at the gym. An indoor cycling class is a great way to build strength in your legs and burn bodyfat. An indoor cycle workout also helps your heart health because it boosts your heart rate and gets the heart muscle pumping.

If you are a beginner, you may want to try this 20 minute spinning workout with less resistance on the indoor cycle. You will want to watch the beginning of this spin class workout to learn the three positions used in an indoor cycle class workout and get comfortable with them if you have never tried an indoor cycling class before. If you are more advanced, you know what to do for this 20 minute spin workout. Boost up that resistance, and go as hard as you can! If a 20 minute indoor cycle workout isn’t enough for you, you could do it 2 or even 3 times through.

While Athlean-XX for Women isn’t an indoor cycling workout, the 90 day plan does come with all the workouts you need to get strong all over and burn fat.

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  1. I loved your first video and love this one even more- to everyone bashing your form- do it correctly on your bike and leave her alone, she is guiding us through this, not teaching a spin class. I love your stuff amy- I would love a hill workout, 20-30mins of the dirties 😉 and thank you!!!

  2. Workout for women. You realize most of your fans are guys right?

  3. Hi there. Great workout. However… This could be for men too…. Not just women. I’m a guy mm did the workout and was good for me too.. cheers!

  4. This was so good. Make moooore please

  5. Please post more! I do these every morning and love it! I’ve searched through tons of spin workouts and love Amy Jo the best! Thank you!

  6. Φόβος κομήτης sagt:

    I got a recumbent bike @ for $124.00. The manufacturer is Marcy. I saw it on Amazon for a little cheaper. I have had it for about 6 months and have put it thru a lot of use with no issues. I kind of wish I got the upright one though.

  7. Φόβος κομήτης sagt:

    You mean shield-maiden?

  8. Any suggestions what bike to get??

  9. Kate Campetti ii

  10. meu ela n tem postura. .pedala totalmente errado. ..meu deus

  11. Thank you! My fav spin video on YouTube!

  12. Nise I am going to take the spinning test in 4 months wish me look.. People..

  13. I love this workout!!! It is a good cardio blast to get my day started!!! I tried to find your first cycle workout… is it on YouTube?

  14. Great sweat dropping morning work out… I highly recommend it!

  15. Look at Amy!!!!! I don’t think she needs to be told how to work out! You’re awesome Amy, keep on rocking it!!!!

  16. please post more spin!!!! 30-35 minutes would be nice!!!! Thanks!

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